As an Honors Program student you are allowed to “contract” with individual professors for two of your seven Honors Program courses required for graduation with an Honors Diploma. Here’s how this works:

  • You contract with the professor to do extra readings/assignments/ projects/discussions, etc. in a regularly scheduled class and receive Honors credit. The Honors Director can assist you with the planning if you need help. Information about projects from honors contracts in other universities is available. 
  • You can contract two courses. You must be a sophomore who has earned at least a 3.0 average in at least three Honors courses. 
  • The course cannot be an independent study course or a course that is already regularly offered in classroom format for Honors credit. 
  • The professor must be willing to enter into the contract and should not feel coerced by you. Once engaged in the contract the professor must hold the student and him/herself to the standards of Honors level work. 


  1. Student talks with Honors Program Director about his/her intentions and requests the Honors Contract form.
  2. Student finds willing professor, writes contract with professor, and submits to Honors Director by Thursday of the first week of the semester. 
  3. Director approves contract and informs Registrar 
  4. Honors section of course is added to CBU Course Schedule for current semester 
  5. Student submits Honors work to director at end of semester for final approval 
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