Applied Behavioral Sciences

Students in the Global College Applied Behavioral Sciences program will take core courses in anthropology, sociology, and psychology which promote skills in communication and interaction with diverse groups of people.
Degree Type: BA

Students in the online Applied Behavioral Sciences program in the CBU Global College will take core courses in anthropology, sociology, and psychology which promote skills in communication and interaction with diverse groups of people. All coursework is delivered online.

Behavioral sciences aim to understand human behavior by focusing on cultures past and present (Anthropology), human social relationships and interaction (Sociology), and the human mind (Psychology).

Students in the Applied Behavioral Sciences program will be taking core courses in those three fields. This interdisciplinary approach encourages attributes that employers find to be important for college programs to foster in their graduates, such the ability to interact with diverse groups of people, a focus on global issues, professional communication, and producing students who can adapt to problems as they arise. This interdisciplinary approach will give the students a background that will help them grow and flourish in corporate culture, non-profit organizations, human services, and governmental organizations.

The Applied Behavioral Sciences degree is also a foundation for continuing studies at a graduate level in areas such as social work, behavioral health, public policy, and criminal justice.

Applied Behavioral Sciences courses are taught online by faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences in the Rosa Deal School of Arts, who have experience teaching online. The faculty also serve as the academic advisors for Applied Behavioral Sciences students and work with them on course selection and career options.

What You’ll Study

In addition to General Education and Liberal Arts Requirements, you will complete 39 credit hours in your major field of study where you’ll learn the core of Applied Behavioral Sciences. You’ll begin with introductory courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Cultural Anthropology and proceed into more specialized areas of study.

Your studies in Psychology will include human development, gender dynamics, data literacy, problem solving and decision-making, and human resources areas such as personnel and organizational psychology. You’ll also delve into the fields of human factors (also called engineering psychology or ergonomics), social psychology, and psychopathology. Studies in Sociology will include the study of family systems from both historical and cross-cultural viewpoints, and a choice of studies in the fields of addiction or deviant behavior.  You’ll also learn the basics of professional communication — written, oral, and visual — as best employed in business and civic settings.

Prior to graduation and following completion of all required behavioral sciences courses, seniors in the Applied Behavioral Sciences program will be required to take a comprehensive pass/fail examination on selected areas of behavioral sciences.

The entire program is offered in an online format. This gives you the flexibility to learn when it’s most convenient for you. Courses are accessible from anywhere at any time and on most devices. CBU Global College courses are highly engaging, efficient, and interactive. Together, with your peers and faculty, you will discover new horizons and a brighter future.

The Applied Behavioral Sciences major not only fulfills the mission of Global College and CBU’s core values of faith, service, and community, but the skills developed in the major also support the mission of the Rosa Deal School of Arts “by teaching students to think, communicate, evaluate, and appreciate.”


Careers in Applied Behavioral Sciences

According to 2020 study published by Behavioral Scientist, the field is growing rapidly in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses worldwide. The knowledge and skills you will acquire through your studies in this program will prepare you are positions in a variety of fields, businesses, and organizations. These include:

  • nonprofit organizations
  • law enforcement
  • criminal justice
  • human services and social work
  • public policy organizations
  • business/human resources
  • governmental organizations

Is Applied Behavioral Sciences for you?

Are you a creative problem solver? Interested in learning what makes people tick? Do you want a degree that can prepare you for jobs in fields as varied as social work, human resources, organizational leadership, or government? If so, then maybe this degree is just what you’re looking for!

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