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Affiliates of the Christian Brothers

(l-r) Joseph Birch, AFSC; Msgr. Valentine Handwerker, AFSC; Richard Gadomski, AFSC; James McWillie, AFSC

To Affiliate is to recognize lay men and women as spiritual sons of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the Brothers. It is to let them know very directly that they have been doing the work of the Institute alongside the Brothers and so are publicly recognized as one of the Brothers. This is the core of what it means to be affiliated to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The “A” before the FSC signifies Affiliation. They become one of the 6,000 men in the world who are vowed to live the life of the religious educator patterned in the spirit and the heart and mind of John Baptist de La Salle.

These men and women of Memphis have been named Affiliates of the De La Salle Christian Brothers:

  • Edward Barry, AFSC
  • Honorable Samuel O. Bates, AFSC
  • Joseph F. Birch, AFSC 
  • Dr. Basil Bland, AFSC 
  • Dr. Breen Bland, AFSC 
  • Msgr. Peter P. Buchignani, AFSC
  • Philip M. Canal, AFSC
  • William Taylor Canale, AFSC 
  • Msgr. Paul W. Clunan, AFSC 
  • Robert F. Crone, AFSC 
  • Dr. & Mrs. Peggy Daniels, AFSC 
  • Dr. Rose G. Deal, AFSC 
  • William Fay, AFSC 
  • H. Lance Forsdick, AFSC 
  • Richard Gadomski, AFSC 
  • Dr. Joseph Garbarini, AFSC 
  • Msgr. Valentine N. Handwerker, AFSC 
  • Jeff Gros, AFSC 
  • Kate Hamilton, AFSC 
  • Dr. Vincent King, AFSC 
  • Dr. Gordon Kraus, AFSC 
  • Dr. Robert Kraus, AFSC 
  • Richard Kriz, AFSC
  • John V. Lavecchia, AFSC 
  • Boyd Lee Sr., AFSC 
  • Msgr. John B. McArthur, AFSC
  • Robert C. McEniry, AFSC
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank McLoughlin, AFSC 
  • James C. McWillie, AFSC
  • Rev. James W. Murphy, AFSC
  • Thomas Nix, AFSC
  • Mrs. James Pidgeon, AFSC
  • Thomas Reddin, AFSC
  • Mrs. Ceil Saino, AFSC
  • Mary Solari, AFSC
  • Robert Stephenson, AFSC
  • Thomas Sullivan, AFSC
  • Lawrence K. Thompson Sr., AFSC
  • William G. Whitman, AFSC
  • John L. Zoccola, AFSC