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School ofSciences

After Graduation

At CBU we strive to give each and every student the best opportunity for success. Sometimes that will mean helping you get into professional or graduate school to further pursue your ambitions. Sometimes it will mean helping you find a great "plan B" if your initial plan was not suited to your talents or expectations. 

Our graduates:

  • Go on to medical, pharmacy and other professional schools
  • Are accepted into various graduate schools including the local University of Memphis, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Cornell, Tufts, Arizona, Hawaii and Rochester
  • Find challenging jobs after graduation at major established firms like FedEx, Google, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Buckeye Technologies; and recent start-up companies like Luminetx (now Christie Medical)

CBU students are accepted into competitive research programs. These programs give you the advantage of experience whether you're applying to a professional or graduate school or for a job:

  • The MHIRT (Minority Health International Research Training) grant administered by CBU provides paid summer research opportunities in Brazil, Thailand and Uganda. Several CBU students each year participate.
  • The POE (Pediatric Oncology Education) program at St. Jude has accepted several CBU students over the past several years.
  • The Memphis Zoo Biodiversity Fellowship, funded by the Assisi Foundation, has supported several CBU students for the whole year.
  • Several other CBU students have participated in summer research projects at institutions such as the Universities of Texas, Auburn University, Mayo Clinic, Montana State University, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and Virginia Tech University.
  • Haiti Medical Missions provides an opportunity for students to spend spring break or fall break helping out at a clinic in Haiti.