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Alternative Credit Options

What is Alternative Credit?

Experiential Learning Credit is a highly individualized process that offers adult and non-traditional students the unique opportunity to petition for college credit for the knowledge, training, and skills they previously learned through a broad range of experiences outside of the traditional academic setting.

CBU employs three programs that enable students to earn credit for prior knowledge:

  • The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams enable students to take nationally normed tests and present appropriate test scores for credit at CBU. The cost of these exams is approximately $100.
  • Students may also take Challenge Exams for specific courses prepared by CBU academic departments to demonstrate their competence. The charge for these exams is $100.
  • Prior Learning Assessment Program: The College of Adult Professional Studies launched a Prior Learning Assessment Program organized through the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning in January 2017, helping students to provide evidence of experiential or non-college learning through writing a portfolio. Students may apply for and be granted college-level credit for knowledge and understanding related to the student's degree program and gained from the work site or other experiences. 

Curious About How Your Courses
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The equivalences built in the Transfer Evaluation System are a comprehensive list of a growing number of colleges and courses. This list is for general information and is not an exhaustive list of all transfer equivalents.
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