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Application Process


  • Apply for a Passport (or make sure your passport is current if you already have one)
  • Complete the Preliminary Interest Form
  • Speak with your academic advisor, the Study Abroad Office, and the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility 
  • For Travel Study Trips, contact the professor offering the class 
  • Select a study abroad program 

Applying to a Program


  • Review the CBU Study Abroad Student Handbook 
  • Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation hosted by CBU’s Study Abroad Office 
  • Register for the appropriate course(s) 
  • Complete the Registrar’s Off-Campus Enrollment Request Form with your academic advisor for each course that you plan to take while abroad
    (*Semester/Summer Abroad & Exchange Program participants only) 
  • Apply for a Visa (if applicable) 
    • Programs over 90 days almost always require a visa. 
    • To find out if you need a visa and how to apply, visit your host country’s embassy website or ask your faculty director.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) with the U.S. Department of State 
  • Purchase an International Student Identity Card 
  • Print your International Health Insurance Card 


  • Go to your classes and learn as much as you can 
  • Keep a travel journal or blog about your experience 
  • Explore new sites and try new foods 
  • Take lots of pictures 
  • Embrace the culture 


  • Prior to returning to the U.S., request to have your transcript from the host university sent to your home university (CBU) 
  • Complete the online Post-Study Abroad Evaluation Survey 
  • Stay Involved!
    • Share your experience with others, especially your CBU peers 
    • Participate in CBU’s Travel Photo Contest 
    • Volunteer to help at CBU Study Abroad events (i.e., Pre-Departure Orientations, Study Abroad Fair) 
    • Consider studying abroad again