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Aramark Sustainability

Aramark, a leading professional services provider, has worked in cooperation with Christian Brothers University to limit the environmental impact of our business practices in custodial and food services. 

Blue Cleaning Program

Custodial Services recently purchased an Orbio 5000-Sc ionizer, which uses an electric charge to transform water into an effective alkaline multi-purpose cleaning solution; this technology has allowed us to reduce our purchases of chemical cleaning solutions by 50% and provides a healthier and cleaner indoor environment for our faculty, staff, and students. 

Aramark’s Food Services has made equally significant changes to operations in the Alfonso Dining Hall. With 2000 gallons of fry oil recycled a year, the implementation of trayless dining, the increase in vegetarian food options, and the purchase of a new energy-efficient dishwasher that uses heat instead of chemicals to sanitize dishes we have greatly reduced our food waste and water consumption, and diminished the amount of chemicals entering the water system.

Solar Tables

In keeping with CBU’s sustainability initiatives, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our sustainable campus—solar powered charging tables. These four tables feature six (6) outlets and four (4) wireless charging options for 40 different mobile devices. Constructed of recycled HDPE plastic and LED lighting, these tables allow students to study at night, and are powered by fiberglass constructed solar panels.