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Board and Staff Members

The first Science and Water Resources Advisory Board Meeting under the Blue Stream Task force took place in Nolan Engineering Building, Gadomski College of Engineering at Christian Brothers University on November 3, 2017. All members attended the meeting (see picture). From left to right: Dr. Louie L. Yu Lin (CBU), Mr. Edward Lambert (Chief, Environmental Branch, USACE), Mr. Manny Belen (Director, Memphis City Engineer and Engineering Division), Mr. Greg Parker (Supervisor, Shelby County Health Department), Mr. Tom Needham (Director, Shelby County Public Works), Mr. Hugh Teaford (Director, Blue Stream Task Force), Mr. Jim Belles (Director, Memphis National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Mr. Emmanuel Tuombe (CEO, ABES Consultant), and Mr. David Berretta (Chief, Hydraulic and Hydrology Branch). The group broadly discussed the function of the Surface Water Institute at CBU and future direction of that institute. The future funding of the institute was also discussed. The next meeting will be in January, 2018.

Board Members

Manny Belen, PE                
City of Memphis
Jim Belles             
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration                                           
David P. Berretta, PE      
US Army Corps of Engineers
David Blackwood
West TN River Basin Authority
Michael W. Bradley  
US Geological Survey

Edward P. Lambert      
US Army Corps of Engineers
L. (Louie) Yu Lin, Ph.D., P.E.

Christian Brothers University
Tom Needham, PE

Chickasaw Basin Authority
Cliff Norville, PE

Shelby County
Greg Parker

Shelby County
David Salyers, P.E.
West Tennessee River Basin Authority - Tennessee Dept. of Environment & Conservation
Edward M. (Hugh) Teaford, PE

City of Memphis   
Sherry Wang, PhD

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation 


Robert H. Hunt, PhD, PE
US Army Corps of Engineers
Thomas Lawrence, PE

Water Quality Consultant
Louie Lin, PhD, PE
Christian Brothers University
Lecia Martin, PE
Dunning-Martin Engineering

Emmanuel Tuombe, PE

ABES Engineering
Wenting Zhu
Christian Brothers University