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Bridge Builders

Dual Enrollment in Partnership with Bridge Builders®

Are you a member of the Bridge Builders® Collaborate Program?
Are you a junior or senior in high school?

Then you can earn three hours of college credit this year by fulfilling your Bridge Builder® requirements.

Through Christian Brothers University’s partnership with Bridge Builders you are afforded the opportunity to receive college credit simply by being a member of the Bridge Builder Collaborate Program and completing the requirements. This opportunity is for all rising junior and senior Bridge Builders Collaborate members who meet CBU’s requirements and apply for the CBU Dual Enrollment Program. This means you could start college with up to six college credits (3 credits per academic year).

Bridge Builders
Bridge Builders is a year-round leadership training program to advance justice in the mid-south. Their mission is to develop among students a group of future leaders who can lay aside individual, social, economic, and cultural differences and work for the benefit of all. You can learn more about Bridge Builders and apply to their program on the BRIDGES website.

Application Procedure
Only complete applications will be reviewed for eligibility. Incomplete applications, including those missing signatures, official transcripts, tuition/fee, or requested information will not be processed. The student will be notified of the missing items. It is the student's responsibility to request transcripts, scores, and signatures from the appropriate schools or offices.

  • Complete and return the CBU Dual Enrollment Application to CBU by October 1.
  • Sign up for the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant for the spring semester (TN residents) or pay the $500.00 tuition fee (MS/AR residents).
  • Send official high school transcript(s) (with final grades) from high school(s) directly to CBU.
  • Send official test scores from high school or testing agency directly to CBU.
  • Send official college transcripts to CBU if you have credit from another college (dual credit, governor’s school credit, etc.).

All paperwork can be sent to:
Dual Enrollment
Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway South
, Box 341
Memphis, TN 38104

Admission Requirements
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher in high school course work
  • ACT score of 21 or higher (preferred), or SAT of 1070 or higher (based on March 2016 test changes. SAT taken prior to March 2016 changes will need a score of 990+).
  • 18 PLAN/ 790 PSAT (Critical Reading+Math) (only if ACT/SAT has not been taken)
  • 2.75 college GPA (if applicable)

Application Deadline
All items must be post marked on or before October 1.
Please note that most September ACT scores will not get here by the October 1 deadline and therefore they cannot be used for admissions.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition will be billed at $500.00 per course. Tennessee Residents may apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant (must be a Tennessee Resident and US citizen). Out-of-state students, as well as other students not eligible for the grant or those who did not apply, will pay the full tuition rate of $500.00 per course.

Program Acceptance
Please note that eligibility for the Bridge Builders Collaborate Program does not guarantee eligibility or acceptance into the CBU Dual Enrollment Program. You will be notified in late October or early November of your Dual Enrollment application status.

You do not have any additional meeting requirements other than those prescribed by Bridge Builders®. There are no textbooks, no homework, and no additional meetings at CBU.

Junior Bridge Builders
MGMT 250: Leadership and Diversity
The intensive, year-long program is designed to develop leadership and interpersonal skills with the goal of informing positive social attitudes regarding the desirability and value of diversity in the community and the importance of community action. Topics include: leadership, civic responsibility, trust, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, conflict resolution and human relations.

Senior Bridge Builders
MGMT 251: Leadership and Service

The intensive, year-long program will provide students with an opportunity to design and implement a major service project at a local high school. Students will provide leadership for the project by: conducting a needs assessment; identifying a specific need to address in their project; design, staff and implement the project; evaluate the effectiveness of the project; and, present their results to the community.

Students will earn a letter grade based on their participation in the Collaborate program requirements, including but not limited to: summer conference, core trainings, and elective trainings. All grades will be final on April 30.

For more information contact us at or (901) 321-4416.