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Gadomski School ofEngineering

B.S. Engineering Management

The School of Engineering and the School of Business jointly offer a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management for students interested in pursuing management positions at engineering firms or other technologically based businesses. It offers students a degree path in engineering which is currently not available and meets two potential needs:

  1. It provides an alternative path for students who enter the engineering program and discover they are more interested in the management aspects. The BSEM is still focused on engineering, but requires less upper-division math and engineering courses.
  2. It allows individuals who have not attended classes in several years an opportunity to pursue a degree in an engineering related area.

Program Overview

The B.S. in Engineering Management is designed for those who are interested in working in management under a technical environment.

Currently, there are four concentrations within the B.S. in Engineering Management: Construction Management, Data AnalyticsPackaging, and Sustainability. All concentrations consist of courses in liberal studies, mathematics, sciences, business, basic engineering, and information technology or packaging. Students in the program have interned with major corporations including FedEx, Medtronic, Merck Consumer Care, Wright Medical, etc.

For those who are interested in a master’s degree, they can continue to the Master of Science in Engineering Management at CBU.