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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies

Business is booming for graduates with business degrees. Business is the most popular Bachelor's degree in the country, according to a recent national study of human resource professions. The results of the study show that a Bachelor of Science in Business puts job seekers among the top two most sought-after positions overall. Options in careers for graduates in business are wide open.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Studies at CBU is available only to Adult Professional Studies students. Because we want to maintain a personal approach to education, we minimize the number of students in business classes to assure individualized attention.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Studies gives the student an edge by preparing them for leadership roles in the business world. Learn organizational behavior, corporate planning, international business, and strategic planning with concentrations in:


The business degree programs have been redesigned to include those courses you can use to build your career. The B.S. in Business Studies provides a variety of elective courses to choose from, which makes it possible to transfer in more credit hours from your previous academic experiences and make achieving your goal of degree completion as convenient as possible.


As an adult learner, your time is valuable. Courses will be delivered using hybrid/blended and/or online formats. The hybrid format combines classroom and online instruction, minimizing the time you spend in the classroom. This means you could potentially take 12 semester hours (six hours per eight-week term) and still meet just one night per week at our campus in Memphis, TN.

If you are an adult learner and want more information about how to complete your degree in business, please contact the College of Adult Professional Studies at (901) 321-3291.