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CARL stands for CBU Advising Registration Leader. The program is available to students who are 
interested in helping their peers have a fulfilling CBU experience. 

The CARLs will be your leaders during the First Year Student Orientation this summer.

Meet the 2018 CARLs!

Madison Bickerstaff

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics


Austin Brewer
Business Administration-Banking


Josiah Brown
Engineering Management


Sofia Calvert
Early Childhood Education


Katelyn Cherry
Early Childhood Education


Allison Dufour
Liberal Studies Licensure Grades K-6


Caitlyn Emrich


Jocey Flores


William Foner


Nicole Johnson
Natural Science


Chelsea Joyner


Kyler Leasure
Civil Engineering


Maribel Lopez Mata
Natural Science


Draven Martin
Computer Science


Tucker McKinney
Biomedical Sciences


Kel Nesbitt
Business Administration - Management


Hung Nguyen - Head CARL 2018
Business Administration - Finance


Michelle Nicholson


Rhonda Payne
Chemical Engineering


Victoria Robinson
Unspecified Arts


Emily Russotto
Biomedical Sciences


Elizbeth Sanchez
Biomedical Sciences


Kennedy Simmons

Skylar Stephens
Early Childhood Education

Rebeca Velazquez
Business Administration - International Business

Raymond Walker

Business Administration - Hospitality & Tourism Management