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CBU Chemistry Program Receives American Chemical Society Approval

MEMPHIS – Christian Brothers University (CBU) recently received notification from the American Chemical Society (ACS) that its baccalaureate chemistry program has been added to its list of ACS-approved programs. With this approval, the CBU chemistry program joins 14 other ACS-approved undergraduate chemistry programs in Tennessee, two of which are in Memphis – Rhodes College and the University of Memphis.

The approval process, according to ACS, “provides a mechanism for departments to evaluate their program, identify areas of strengths and opportunities for change, and leverage support from their institutions and external agencies.”

Dr. Dennis Merat, associate professor and chair of the CBU Chemistry Department, noted, “The Chemistry faculty are very excited with the recent Approval granted by the American Chemical Society for our B.S. Chemistry program. Approval is given in recognition of both the rigorous nature of our program and the strong chemical and professional foundation it provides our students. Future graduates will be certified by the American Chemical Society as graduates of an Approved B.S. Chemistry curriculum.”

The Department of Chemistry, part of the School of Sciences at CBU, offers two degrees: The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. ACS Approval attracts talented high school students seeking programs with an established reputation and rigorous standards. Additionally, graduates from programs on the ACS Approval list are in high demand with employers because they find them better prepared to work in technical settings.

Approved departments, according to the ACS, are staffed by “accomplished faculty, boast a modern and well-maintained infrastructure, and provide a coherent chemistry curriculum.” To gain ACS Approval, departments are required to evaluate their program to identify strengths and areas needing improvement. Departments must also gain support from their institution and other external agencies.

For more information about the CBU Chemistry Program, contact Dr. Dennis Merat at (901) 321-4201 or  

Posted by Cory Dugan at 3:02 PM