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Alumni and Family Weekend Brings CBU Community Together

Last weekend, CBU alums and their families flocked to campus to take part in the largest alumni and family weekend in CBU history. With over 20 events taking place across campus during the four-day program, alums had numerous opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities, ranging from an address by former U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral to sampling rums from local liquor aficionado Brad Pitts at Saturday’s Cannon Ball.   

Despite the difference in age, location, major, and life experiences, there was one common factor of CBU tradition that enticed many to come back to the arches for the October 1-4 events:   

“Honestly, the sense of community itself is what keeps me coming back to CBU every chance I get,” remarked Emily Ollis (’15). “Living in Memphis, I meet so many CBU alumni; CBU is the common ground that creates an automatic, strong bond, and that’s really special.”

While alumni and family weekend helped members of the CBU community re-connect with their peers and reminisce about what’s new or renovated on campus, it was also a time to be reminded of what makes a Lasallian education significant, and how that meaning is exemplified in today’s world.

Sophomore Berlin Howell (’18) sat down to interview alumna Aileen Reyes-Chrestman (’83) at Saturday night’s Cannon Ball, and walked away with a new perspective on what it means to incorporate CBU tenants into day-to-day life.

“Four years of school taught me that I could potentially help people suffering from mental health disorders,” Reyes-Chrestman reflected. “The environment created by the school is soul-nurturing in a way that I have never found anywhere else.”

Aileen works in the pharmaceutical field, and serves her patients by connecting them with affordable prescriptions and other resources throughout West Tennessee. Despite the decades that separate her from that graduation day so many years ago, she believes that while a lot has changed about her alma mater, much has not.     

“I have witnessed quite the scope (thirty year’s worth) of CBU’s progression, and the school has never failed to remain definitely modern”

In keeping with that spirit of modernity and faith in progress, the CBUnited Association and President’s Commission on Women held the inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference and CBU-Dunavant Symposium on Friday, October 2. During the conference, female leaders led panels related to pertinent topics like academia, negotiation, brand building, the arts, and more. The conference culminated in a lecture by 42nd Treasurer of the United States, Anna Escobedo Cabral, on which she spoke about hard work, focus, and believing in oneself as the pillars of success in today’s world.   

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Posted by Joshua Colfer at 5:05 PM