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BFA Showcase and Castings Literary Journal Highlight Creativity of CBU Students

MEMPHIS- Christian Brothers University fine arts students showcased their creative work to friends and guests in the re-purposed industrial space of Marshall Arts Gallery in a one-night exhibition on April 15. For the second year in a row, the Bachelor of Fine Arts senior showcase and the university’s Castings literary journal collaborated to share the creative work of CBU students in an off-campus exhibit setting. At the event, guests had the chance to pick up a copy of Castings and see the end-of-year projects by six BFA seniors who have worked extensively to prepare for this exhibit.

Nicholas Pena, associate professor of Visual Performing Arts at CBU, explains the production process in terms of progression and refinement. “I work with them on visual development throughout the year, and I push them to make great choices based on materials for the concept.”

This can prove easier said than done. When students begin to conceptualize their project ideas for a senior showcase, they’re often faced with decisions like: Can I introduce another media form into my piece? Will my presentation be stronger if I incorporate another idea? What will communicate my idea most effectively? That’s where Pena’s instruction makes the biggest impact. “I work with all of them collaboratively, but I also work with each of them individually… I show them how to prep surfaces or build frames, but mostly how to finish strong.”

The strength of this process was certainly evident at the Friday night exhibit. Featured work ranged from wall-sized typographic designs to a body of manipulated photographs. Work by graduating seniors Alexi Blum, Jacob Brunner, Sheridan Cross, Morgan Granoski, Walter Harris, Tawanda Jones, and Seth Loomis was prominently featured on the walls of the open exhibit space for guests to see and interact with.

Also center-stage at the event was the debut of CBU’s annual literary journal Castings, which contains photography, prose, fine art, and poetry from current students from all majors and all class years. Copies of this year’s issue were distributed during the event. For those were not able to attend, an online edition can be found HERE. Students and work selected for prizes in the 2016 Castings journal can be found in the list below:


1st Place: "Overtime" by Savannah Austin 
2nd Place: "Stages" by Jennifer Davidson
3rd Place: "Morning Time" by Savannah Austin


1st Place: "Withering" by Olivia Betterton 
2nd Place: "The Losing Man" by Jessica Love 
3rd Place: "Mississippi Station" by Seth Loomis

Digital Photography 

1st Place: Top 5 Ways to Beat the Stay-at-Home-Mom Blues by Morgan Granoski 
2nd Place: Foggy Woods by Ethan Hart 
3rd Place: Serenity by Shannon McKee

Fine Art

1st Place: Play with Me by Taylor Bing 
2nd Place: Skeletal by Megan Mosier 
3rd Place: Post-Shower Ritual by Morgan Granoski

Faculty judges for this year’s Castings journal included Dr. Ann Marie Wranovix, Dr. Vincent O’Neill, Dr. Jeff Gross, Dr. Kristian O’Hare, Jana Travis, and Nick Pena.

To see photos from the showcase, click on the Flickr Gallery below: 

Posted by Joshua Colfer at 12:27 PM