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CBU and Baptist College Face Off in the Second Annual Inter-Professional Health Care Case Study Challenge

MEMPHIS—Christian Brothers University (CBU) and Baptist College of Health Sciences will compete in the second annual Inter-Professional Health Care Case Study Challenge at Baptist Hospital on February 21.

The collaboration between the two private institutions is a continuation of last year’s inaugural event, which was held in the University Theater on the CBU campus, and reflects the larger goal of preparing students for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of healthcare in the years to come. During last year’s case study challenge, student teams from the two schools received a scenario of a fictitious outbreak of influenza in Memphis and Shelby County, and presented their plans to identify, strategize, and implement a solution(s) to the audience.

Throughout their presentation, students also addressed issues related to vaccinations, origins of the outbreak, and the integration and collaboration of public and community health services with local and regional primary care services. And while outbreaks don’t occur on a regular basis in the healthcare profession, the goal of the challenge is not to train students for extreme scenarios, but for the dynamics that exist in everyday healthcare environments. David Rosenthal, professor and chair of the Health Care Management Department at Baptist College, hopes that working together will be the main source of training for soon-to-be graduates of the two programs: “The case study challenge introduces students to collaborative work groups with a focus on the integration between primary care services and public health interventions, which will serve them well as the begin their careers in a highly diverse and highly skilled healthcare workforce.”

Next month, two teams will once again get the opportunity to compete in a case study challenge in the Garrett Auditorium at Baptist Hospital. Students will analyze and assess an individual who suffers from an array of symptoms that jeopardize his overall health and well-being. Students will then present their answers and analyses to a panel of judges and the audience. The judging panel will be moderated by Joseph Holley Jr., MD, of the Division of Fire Services for the City of Memphis, Dr. Jason Tyler Zerwekh with the Environmental Health Services Bureau for Shelby County Health Department, Dr. Marian Levy of the University of Memphis School of Public Health, and Alisa Haushalter of the Shelby County Health Department. The event will also include with a “scholarly engagement” session, whereby audience members may ask questions to the case competition judges, and discuss the pros and cons of the proposed methods of treatment and action.

In the end, organizers of the event hope that students will begin learning how to approach large-scale health-related issues in a practical, measured, and actionable manner. Amanda Ratkus, enrollment advisor for CBU’s College of Adult Professional Studies, witnessed major strides after last year’s challenge, and hopes to repeat the outcomes this year: “Students gained a better understanding of Public Health topics, improved their research skills, honed their public speaking abilities, and learned to think critically about issues impacting the community while working to offer new and innovative solutions.”

The Inter-Professional Health Care Case Study Challenge will take place on Tuesday, February 21 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Garrett Auditorium of Baptist Hospital at 6027 Walnut Grove. This event is free and open to the public. 

Posted by Joshua Colfer at 3:38 PM