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CBU Establishes New College, Degree Programs For Adult Learners

Bachelor’s and Associate Degrees in Psychology, Business and General Studies Added

MEMPHIS — In response to the changing market demands in adult undergraduate education, Christian Brothers University (CBU) has established the College of Adult Professional Studies. CBU has long been a leader and innovator in adult education, starting its accelerated Evening Program in 1978. Started in January 2014, the College of Adult Professional Studies changed its course delivery model to one that utilizes in-class and online class time. The program is oriented more specifically to older professional students, with different degree paradigms requiring statistics, speech, math and English courses that are more immediately oriented to a business focus.

“We are very aware that adult students have very different needs,” says Toni Ross, Dean of the College of Adult Professional Studies. “Their schedules are different from traditional college-age students, and their lives have different priorities. We recognize and respect those differences, and we have designed our new programs to accommodate them.” The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning ( has already certified CBU’s College of Adult Professional Studies as an “Adult Learning Focused Institution.”

The College of Adult Professional Studies (CAPS) has already established two new baccalaureate degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Psychology and the Bachelor of Science in Business Studies. Additionally, this fall CAPS will institute three new associate degree programs, the Associate of Arts in Psychology, the Associate of Arts in General Studies and the Associate of Science in Business Studies.

“One of the biggest obstacles that adult learners face in completing a degree program is how to pay for college,” Ross adds. “We want to help ease that burden.
CBU’s core mission has always revolved around the idea that high-quality education should be accessible to everyone. In that spirit, we’ve also dropped our tuition rate for the CAPS program.” Formerly, tuition for CBU’s adult program was $500 per credit hour. The College of Adult Professional Studies lowered that rate to $395 per credit hour.

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Psychology degree is designed to provide fundamentals of psychology, with focus in areas of demand and growth potential. Within this program, students may choose from three optional areas of concentration: Criminal Justice, Organizational Psychology and Consumer Behavior. The Criminal Justice concentration will focus on topics such as criminology, law enforcement, corrections, public administration, juvenile justice and counseling. The Organizational Psychology concentration applies the principles and science of psychology to human resources development and management. The Consumer Behavior concentration will cover topics such as motivation, persuasion, sales and promotional strategy and how they support marketing efforts in a business environment.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Business Studies degree is specifically designed to provide adult learners with core business skills, emphasizing planning and decision-making skills.  Coursework focuses on such topics as organizational structure and behavior, leadership theory, networking, human resources, international business, corporate policy and strategic planning. A concentration is offered in Management, as well as a concentration in Management of Information Systems, which focuses on topics such as networks and security, systems design and analysis, database design and data mining, web applications and development, and project management.

The new Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs are designed to provide a solid understanding of foundational skills in each degree area, while providing a variety of elective courses that allow students to customize their education to their interests. Students may also choose from traditional in-class courses, hybrid/blended learning and entirely online formats. Credits may be transferred from previous educational experiences, and the associate degree programs also provide a solid foundation for future bachelor’s degree course work.

CBU has established transfer agreements with some local community colleges, including Midsouth Community College, Northwest Mississippi Community College, and Southwest Tennessee Community College. Students at these community colleges who plan to transfer to CBU can be confident that certain credits will be accepted by CBU. CBU also participates in the TN Transfer Pathway program.

Program start dates will be in January, March, June, August, and October. More information on the College of Adult Professional Studies at CBU is available at or at (901) 321-3291.

Posted by Devon Wade at 2:53 PM