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A Call for Compassion and Unity

Dear Students, 

Tuesday evening concluded one of the more polarizing political seasons in our nation’s history. Noting the often challenging rhetoric of the campaign, we find it encouraging that the president-elect struck a conciliatory tone during his victory speech, praising his opponent and voicing a desire to bring unity to the nation. Our campus should take heed. Whatever the future holds for the next four years, there is no license or mandate from this election for meanness or bigotry, especially within our academic community. CBU is a special place, one where faith, community, and service are the pillars of our Lasallian identity. These values become empty, however, if we forget the Christian imperative to love one’s neighbor as oneself. 

As we digest the implications of this most recent quadrennial exercise in the American experiment, please consider as well what it means for your neighbor. Where there is hope, seek to understand why. Where there is anxiety, seek to provide comfort. We are a blessedly diverse community; we learn together, rejoice together, and sometimes suffer together. Let’s make sure that we walk together, too.


John Smarrelli, President
Paul Haught, Vice President for Academics and Student Life

Raena King, Faculty Assembly President

Posted by Joshua Colfer at 8:45 AM