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Get Happy? CBU Offers Course On Happiness In The Business Environment

Research overwhelming indicates happy employees are higher performers. With that in mind, Christian Brothers University (CBU) is offering Happiness 101 this summer, an online course designed for working adults.

The Happiness 101 course is being offered as a Business class through CBU’s new College of Adult Professional Studies and will be taught by Dr. Bevalee Vitali, an associate professor of management at CBU. The course is designed to be highly interactive, with discussions, activities and assignments all developed to promote happiness and well-being. Because the course is completely online, students can improve their happiness level in a convenient, non-threatening environment.

Study after study shows happier employees are more engaged, more motivated, more innovative, give better customer service, play more effective roles in teams and make better leaders. In fact, managers ignoring this research run the risk of costing their organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. For example, an organization with 100 happy workers will experience $15,000 less in costs from absenteeism, $27,000 less in expenses from turnover, and be $297,500 more productive than their unhappy competitors.

Happiness 101 will deal with not only psychological factors but also business philosophies and practices put forth in the “strengths movement” and studies into well-being by the Gallup company.

The goal of the course is to address happiness research from two perspectives. First, it will address how individual employees can improve their own happiness levels in order to become more effective at work. Behavioral interventions will be discussed which will improve mindfulness, engagement and performance, giving students an edge at work. Second, the class will discuss action plans and strategies for managers and organizational leaders to improve the happiness levels of all employees.

The College of Adult Professional Studies (CAPS) at CBU offers a course delivery model that utilizes in-class and online class time. The program is oriented more specifically to older professional students, with different degree paradigms requiring statistics, speech, math and English courses that are more immediately oriented to a business focus. The College offers two new baccalaureate degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Psychology and the Bachelor of Science in Business Studies. Additionally, this fall CAPS will institute three new associate degree programs, the Associate of Arts in Psychology, the Associate of Arts in General Studies and the Associate of Science in Business Studies.

For more information on Happiness 101, contact Dr. Bev Vitali at (901) 321-3578 or For more information on the CBU College of Adult Professional Studies, call (901) 321-3291 or visit

Posted by Devon Wade at 2:50 PM