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Kenrick Farewell Picnic Brings CBU Community Together to Commemorate Legacy of Kenrick Hall

Thousands of graduates have crossed the iconic yellow and brown CBC seal at the entrance of Kenrick Hall as they entered to learn and left to serve over the last 75 years; and this weekend they had the chance to do so one last time. Almost two hundred CBC, CBHS and CBU alumni throughout the region gathered on the lawn in front of Kenrick Hall on Saturday, May 23rd to re-visit the hallways and classrooms where they once learned about early civilizations and slogged through calculus equations. 

It was where they made friends, met future spouses, and learned the life-giving lessons from the many Brothers who passed through Kenricks' doors. And while these memories were made decades ago, they were anything but forgotten at Saturday's picnic.The Kenrick Farewell picnic brought alums and their spouses, children, and family to the places where unforgettable memories happened one last time before the building is decommissioned and demolished at the end of this year. During the picnic, alumni and guests ate, drank, re-connected, and wandered the locker-filled halls of Kenrick to collect the remaining relics from its long history. 

The picnic ended with a bonafide "Second line," led by the oldest High School band in the United States, the CBHS marching band. Second lines are a cultural staple of New Orleans (and some date back even further) in concordance with a funeral procession. We couldn't think of any better way to honor the legacy of a soon-to-be departed building than with such an act, or with a musical group whose genesis can be traced back to its halls. Thanks to all who came out to honor the memory of Kenrick Hall and celebrate the incredible legacy in the lives of thousands of alumni. Check out some of the pictures from the event on our Flickr Stream!

Posted by Joshua Colfer at 2:44 PM