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Seidman Lecture Series Presents Dr. Jim Bailey

MEMPHIS — The M. L. Seidman Memorial Town Hall Lecture Series welcomes Dr. Jim Bailey as its 2015 speaker on April 7 in the University Theater at Christian Brothers University at 7:00 p.m. Bailey's topic will be “The Industrial Giants of Modern Healthcare Whose Time is Past.”

Bailey’s address will explore the modern-day insurance, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and hospital industries and the servant-leader champions of person-centered health care who are at work to replace them with new models of high-value care and to build healthy communities. He cuts through the rhetoric and reveals of the health care best proven to contribute to abundant life; discusses the promise of pharmacy and the history of healing through potions, pills, and snake oil; and examines where modern approaches to insurance can fall short and offers choices for insurance that can support true healing in America. In his speaking engagements, Bailey also regularly reviews the aims and history of the hospital starting with the Knight Hospitaliers of St. John and the role of early pilgrim hospitals. He uses the Biblical Jesus’ miracle at the pool of Bethesda as a key example and discusses what the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland have accomplished.

Jim Bailey is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and professor of medicine and preventive medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, where he directs the Center for Health Systems Improvement, cares for the sick, and teaches doctors in training. His research appears in many peer-reviewed medical journals, including JAMA, Journal of General Internal Medicine, and Annals of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Bailey has an abiding passion for the classics, medical history, and ethics, and believes that sharing our stories can heal. He is the author of the novel, The End of Healing, which was published by The Healthy City in 2014. The novel “narrates the journey of a young healer into the depths of a modern healthcare hell that parallels the path taken by Dante Alighieri through his Inferno 700 years ago.” With the book, Bailey shows how stories can heal and how they can help us reclaim our health and healthcare resources. A book signing will follow the Seidman Lecture at CBU.

Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Seidman established the 
M.L. Seidman Memorial Town Hall Lecture Series in memory of M.L. Seidman. Mr. M. L. Seidman was the founder of an international accounting firm who maintained an active interest in public issues.

For more information on the
 M.L. Seidman Memorial Town Hall Lecture Series, contact Dr. Michael Ryan at (901) 321-3272 or

Posted by Cory Dugan at 10:03 AM