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School ofSciences


School of Sciences Resources

There are five main resources that the CBU School of Sciences provides for its students:

1.  Faculty availability.  All full time faculty have at least 10 hours per week that they are in their offices and available for students.  Most of our faculty are available more than that minimum.  Faculty at CBU are here because they like to teach, and they encourage their students to come and see them in their offices to talk about their courses

2.  Laboratories.  Most of our science courses that are designed for hands-on student interactions with regular faculty as the instructors (rather than teaching assistants).  Our Organic Chemistry lab has 18 individual hoods, so each student can operate their experiment in their own hood!

3.  Research. Opportunities for research with full time researchers in the city.

4.  Pre-Health Guidance.  We have a Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs who maintains web pages on what it takes to get accepted into the various health professional schools such as medical school, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, etc. The director also has information meetings through the year for students interested in the health fields and works with our Career Center in sponsoring health career fairs.

5.  Peer tutoring. Tutoring possibilities are available both for students needing some assistance with math and chemistry and for students to get paid positions doing the tutoring.  During the day, we have a Math Center open and staffed by student tutors that is on the same floor (third floor in CW) as most math classes and the offices of the Math faculty.  The Chemistry Department sponsors some chemistry tutoring on the chemistry floor (2nd floor of CW) by chemistry majors.  There is also some tutoring available in the evenings in the LLC (Living and Learning Community building).