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Chem-E Car

What is the Chem-E Car Competition?

Chem-E Car is a national competition for students to construct a chemically powered vehicle within a certain size  that will safely carry a specific load over a given distance. The competition engages students to form a diverse team and use what they have learned in engineering courses.  The competition is an active enviroment that promotes teamwork and lasting friendship. Teams compete at their regional conferences, and the winner of each regional conference will compete at the national conference to represent their AIChE chapter. The winners of the competition is determined by a combined score of traveling the required distance and creativity of the car.

Car Features

The car runs on the electrolysis of water with the use of a reversible hydrogen fuel cell (RFC) and a graphene super capacitor. The super capacitor sends electricity to the RFC which splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gases that will be stored in respective tanks. The energy from the split molecules is sent to the motor so that the car can travel the predetermined distance.

Design Layout

Want to Make a Donation?

The CBU AIChE chapter is gladly accepting donations to help support the financial cost of this competition. The donations will go to things such as the ChemE Car materials, travel expenses, and other related items. If you would like to donate, go online to payable to the AIChE Student Chapter or contact Katherine Garcia or Kaila Muhammad at the below email addresses.


Timothy Birchett (

Alana Byrd (

Katherine Garcia (

Kaila Muhammad (


*** If you are interested in getting involved or want more information about the team, contact Katherine Garcia or Kaila Muhammad at the above email addresses.

*** For more information about the competition, go to