Class of 2019

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Class of 2018

CBU Lasallian Fellows of the Class of 2018

Alison Allensworth (Psychology ’18)
Kenneth Guy (Business Administration/Management ’18)
Servando Mireles (Business Administration/Finance ’18)
Hannah Schultz (Mathematics ’18)
Robert Tworek (Civil Engineering ’18)

Alison Allensworth is one of the most vibrant students to grace the CBU campus. As the younger sister of a CBU alum, Alison became enamored with the school by the age of ten. Eight years later, Alison followed her sister’s footsteps and has flourished at CBU. She has embraced our Lasallian traditions wholeheartedly and in so doing, has become a most deserving Lasallian Fellow.

Alison leads by example, garnering both the affection and respect of her peers. She has served in leadership roles as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and mentored incoming freshmen as a CBU Peer Counselor. As a President’s Ambassador since 2014, Alison can be seen leading prospective students and parents through the CBU campus. She has served on the Board of Directors as a Lasallian Collegian and been a member of the Student Activities Council. She has also worked tirelessly as an intern at CBU Career Services, thinking outside the box to initiate several innovative marketing plans for the office and managing the Career Services Student Advisory Board.

Alison is the epitome of the servant leader; students, faculty, and the community as a whole have benefitted from her desire to serve. She has volunteered at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for many years and has even trained new volunteers. As a Psychology major and resident advisor for CBU, she has developed programs, encouraged community involvement, and provided paraprofessional advising to dorm students. Alison is a three-year September of Service (SOS) leader, an arduous job that requires a great deal of planning and hard work to provide a meaningful volunteer experience for the entire CBU community. If that wasn’t enough, Alison has taken the helm as the team leader for SOS 2017.

Alison Allensworth is creative, engaging, kind, and conscientious. She has applied these talents and her strong faith in a way that encourages and inspires the rest of us. The CBU community applauds her achievements and welcomes her as an esteemed member of the 2017-18 CBU Lasallian Fellows

Kenneth Guy lives a life of service to others, as both a leader and an agent of change on the CBU campus and in the community. Because of his warm and welcoming nature and his broad smile, there are few people at CBU who don’t know him. And to know Ken is to love him.

Ken’s leadership and commitment to bringing about change has been most clearly demonstrated by his initiative to revive CBU’s chapter of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. As the Founding Father, Ken worked with national headquarters to recharter the chapter, recruited members, and served as the chapter’s Philanthropy Chair.

Ken’s day-to-day service and leadership activities at CBU are almost too numerous to list. He is a beloved resident assistant, a CARL (recognized in 2016 as CARL of the Year by his peers and held in such high esteem by the Academic Services office he was one of two “Floating CARLs” for 2017), an outstanding Peer Counselor, an active SGA Senator, and a member of the Judicial Board. Because of his compassion for others, Ken was asked by Academic Services to serve as a Peer Mentor for at-risk students. He also works with Admissions as an interviewer for various scholarships and last year planned and carried out a week of events on sexual assault awareness. He has even been known to bring new employees Bundt cakes!

Ken is active in the faith community, serving as a group leader in the summer Lasallian Youth Gathering and teaching Sunday School to four-year-olds for the last seven years. He has also participated in the Bridge Builders program.

Kenneth Guy has touched so many lives by helping students make a successful transition from high school to college and beyond. He is an exemplary student leader whose magnetic personality makes him a joy to be around. He has not only effected change within the campus community, but he has fostered the family orientation that is a hallmark of CBU. He is truly deserving of being named a 2017-18 CBU Lasallian Fellow.

One can’t go far on campus without running into Servando Mireles. Whether taking selfies with President Smarrelli in their matching ties, giving campus tours, writing for the University’s digital magazine, photographing home athletic events, or serving on student government, Servando Mireles certainly makes the most of his time at CBU.

As a President’s Ambassador – a group he led last academic year – Servando has made a profound impact on the campus. Having given over 200 campus tours, Servando has met many of CBU’s newest Buccaneers and they have witnessed his love for our institution. Recently, he was part of a small delegation sent to recruit new students in the Atlanta area. Of his experience, he wrote, “I loved seeing the reactions of students and parents when I told them CBU was indeed a possibility.” This excitement also encouraged Servando to strengthen the role and expectations of our President’s Ambassadors.

Through his involvement in Tau Kappa Epsilon, and the CBU Student Government Association, Servando has developed solid leadership skills and has used them in service of the community. As an elected TKE officer, Servando was instrumental in animating members to embrace the TKE ethos of “a better man for a better world.” Additionally, he actively supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Servando served as SGA Vice President of Communications during the 2016-17 academic year and returns this fall as Vice President of Finance. In these roles, he seeks to be a voice on behalf of students he represents and an advocate for an institution he loves.

Servando considers his involvement with September of Service his greatest contribution during his time at CBU. He has been a student leader for the last two years, responsible for all aspects of planning, publicizing, and implementation of CBU’s largest service initiative, and always makes himself available when other leaders need help. This should come as no surprise though, as Servando is Spanish for “to serve the ones in need.”

Our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, once wrote, “example makes a much greater impression than words.” For his examples of leadership and service, and his unwavering devotion to Christian Brothers University, Servando has earned the distinction of 2017-18 CBU Lasallian Fellow.

Hannah Schultz is a Mathematics major with minors in Biology and Global Studies. Because of its “enter to learn, leave to serve” mission, Hannah moved from Michigan to attend CBU, and immediately became an integral member of our warm and friendly campus. Hannah is making a difference everywhere — from the classroom to the campus community. She embodies daily the ideals of our University and does so many things that she is described as “ubiquitous.”

Hannah is an excellent student but uses her gifts not only to learn but also to help others; when Hannah understands a difficult topic that her classmates are struggling with, she is quick to share the knowledge in a kind way. She is an excellent classmate because of her compassion for others, and this has made her an outstanding tutor in the Language Lab and Math Center. Additionally, because of her kindness and love for others, she was selected by fellow students to receive the 2015-16 Student Choice Peer Tutor award.

In part, Hannah’s relationship with the CBU campus is due to her extreme likability, but it is also due to her

commitment to the mission of the University as a servant-leader. She is a well-respected and well-liked resident assistant and has held officer positions, including president, in the CBU chapter of the Mathematics Association of America and the CBU Honors Program. She is a member of the Career Services Student Advisory Board, as well as a constant source of support to the Student Life staff. In all of her endeavors, Hannah leads with the heart of a servant and puts others’ needs first.

Through her active involvement on campus, Hannah Schultz makes CBU a better place every day. She shows compassion for fellow students, makes classrooms a better place for everyone, and leads the campus through service. For these reasons and more, she is deserving of the title 2017-18 CBU Lasallian Fellow.

Anyone who has ever worked with Robert Tworek knows that they always want him on their team. Through his leadership and service Robert constantly demonstrates CBU’s Lasallian values and has helped change the culture of the civil engineering program. Robert, along with his peers, has raised the bar of expectations for civil engineering students at CBU in areas of appearance, report writing, planning, and problem solving.

Robert is eager to help others with their work and is always encouraging other students to do their best. Robert served as the second Regent of the Omega Delta chapter of the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity at CBU, and currently serves as the Professional Chair. During his time as regent, Robert was instrumental in establishing the by-laws of the newly created chapter. He also served as treasurer and vice-president of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of the Judiciary Committee. Robert was captain of the surveying competition team for the last two years and generously works with younger students to help them acquire surveying skills. Robert is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society, and readily volunteers his time to assist in conducting initiation ceremonies, for which he recently received a Tau Beta Pi scholarship for his endeavors.

Outside of the engineering building, as sacristan, Robert is responsible for setting up for the Sunday night Masses on campus and has done so every week. Further, he took on the responsibility of acquiring individuals to volunteer as lectors, gift bearers, and Eucharistic ministers. Robert is very service-minded and enthusiastically participates in Theta Tau’s philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity, recently building a wheelchair ramp for an elderly woman.

Robert is such a blessing for this campus as demonstrated by his active participation in school organizations and community service. He is a joy to the faculty, and they state that he is one of the most motivated and kind-hearted students they know. Robert Tworek is loved and respected by all, and it is therefore appropriate that he be a 2017-18 CBU Lasallian Fellow.