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Common Health Questions

Do I have to receive the Meningitis and the Hepatitis B vaccine before attending school at Christian Brothers University?
You do not have to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine before attending Christian Brothers University. You may sign a waiver located on the Heath Form if you do not wish to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine. The university is required by state law to provide all new students with information about diseases and vaccines. The decision is yours.

If you are a NEW resident living in any Christian Brothers University Residence Hall, you ARE required by state law to receive the Meningitis shot. The state of Tennessee requires all new students-under the age of 22 who will be living in a CBU residence hall-to be immunized against Meningococcal disease on or after their 16th birthday and provide proof of receiving this vaccination before moving into their residence hall.

Can I get a sick excuse for work or class from Health Resources office?
Absence from class or a missed assignments due to illness or injury should be a rare occurrence and the Health Resource office encourages students to make mature decisions when they are too sick to attend class or complete assignments. Therefore, class attendance rests entirely with the student who should communicate with their instructor. All decisions about the impact of an absence rests solely with the instructor, and the ultimate responsibility for granting an excuse from class or exams also rests solely with the instructor and not Health Resources.

When do I turn in my Health Form?
As soon as possible after receiving your admission packet, but you must submit your Health Form to the Office of Admissions prior to registration.

Where can I get additional vaccines?
You may receive a Meningitis vaccine from your primary care doctor. The local health department may also provide any vaccination that you may need updated. You may also call The Shot Nurse to obtain information regarding any vaccination you might need. Student Health Services does not provide or administer any vaccinations.Additionally, the Shelby County Health Department at 814 Jefferson Avenue can give proper vaccines. They can be reached at (901) 222-9000

Does Student Health Services administer allergy injections?
At this time, Student Health Services does NOT provide this service. Health Services can help to provide information regarding local allergy clinics.