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CS 112

CS 112 Computers in Problem Solving

Catalog data: The course is an introduction to problem solving and programming. It emphasizes problem decomposition, control structures, basic data structures, implementation of algorithms and an introduction to object oriented programming. It uses the Python programming language for programming exercises and projects. One semester; three credits.  
Prerequisite: Math 103 or a minimum Math ACT of 23.  
Corequisite: CS 112L.   

Textbook: None   

Goals: You will learn fundamental concepts of programming such as control structures, problem decomposition, and abstraction. The language used is Python. Particular goals are to:
Use suitable data structures to improve the performance of programs.
Manipulate strings of characters and text.
Read and write text files.
Process data, perform basic operations on data, and visualize data.
The course will teach Python modules commonly used in scientific applications, e.g., NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib.   

Arithmetic and boolean expressions
Function definitions
Repetitions and conditional statements
Fundamental data structures: lists and strings
Alternative data structures: sets and dictionaries
Input and output, text processing
Data processing and visualization
Introduction to object oriented programming   

Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive and departmental.