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cs 172

CS 172 Fundamentals of Computer Science

Catalog Data:  The course contains topics in algorithms and program development using object oriented programming concepts.  Topics include methods, arrays, classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, composition, abstraction and graphical user interfaces. It uses the Java language for programming exercises and projects.

Prerequisite: ECE 101 or Math 117, 107 & 110,129 or 131. 
Corequisite: CS 122L.

Textbook: Java Software Solutions, 7th edition, J. Lewis & W. Loftus, Addison Wesley, 2012.

Prerequisites:  You must have fundamental skills in problem solving, the design of algorithms and college level mathematics.

Goals: You will learn basic concepts of the design of algorithms, object orientation, software engineering and graphics.  You will improve your skills in design and problem solving in computer science and will implement designs with programs in Java. The basic goal of the course is to provide the foundation for your becoming a professional programmer.  This goal enables you to design and implement software.  Particular goals are to:
                 Enable you to design algorithms to solve problems
                 Give you knowledge of the basic principles of object oriented design
                 Illustrate modern software engineering practices in object oriented programming
                 Give you basic knowledge in graphics and graphical user interfaces
                 Enable you to use properly important features of the Java programming language  

Data and expressions
Using Classes and Objects
Writing Classes
Conditionals and Loops
Object-Oriented Design

Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive and departmental.