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cs 360

CS 360 Object Oriented Design

Catalog Data: The course teaches you how to build effective models using object oriented methods. It stresses the use of strategies and patterns in the analysis and the design of object oriented systems in engineering and sciences. It uses a modeling approach for the structure and behavior of objects. You implement models with a software tool.

Prerequisite: CS 234

Textbook: Object Oriented Design & Patterns, 2nd edition, C. Horstmann, Wiley, 2006.

Prerequisites: You must have fundamental skills in problem solving, the design of algorithms and data structures, object oriented programming and a working knowledge of Java.

Goals: You will learn basic concepts of object oriented design and design patterns. You must use the Unified Modeling Language in your designs. You will improve your skills in design and problem solving in computer science and computer engineering. You will implement designs with Java programs that have professional quality.

Review of Java
Object oriented design process
Guidelines for class design
Interface types and polymorphism
Patterns and GUI programming
Inheritance and abstract classes
Java object model

Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive.