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cs 400

CS 400 Internship

Catalog Data: A computer science student receives on-the-job training in the offices of cooperating firms. To receive credit, the student must submit periodic reports and a detailed final report of the work done. The authorized supervisor at the firm must verify these reports.

Prerequisites: Junior standing and approval of the Computer Science faculty.

Textbook: None

Prerequisite: You should have skills in data abstraction, algorithms and object oriented design and programming methods.

Goals: Your goals are to select an internship approved by the Career Services and the instructor and then complete the work requested by your supervisor and your coordinator.

An internship involves about 10 hours of work in software development with a local business for each week of the fall semester. The compensation for your work is 3 hours of academic credit. Your first task is find a firm willing to sponsor your internship through Career Services.
1. You obtain an approved list of sites for an academic internship and an application form from Career Services in Buckman 207.
2. You meet with the instructor to discuss your preferred sites and obtain his or her signature of approval. You must complete paperwork required by the Registrar’s Office by the end of the first week of the semester.
3. You return the internship application and your resume to Career Services. It works with employers to match you with one of your preferred internship sites. It notifies you and the instructor of the confirmed site. It maintains a relationship with your employer throughout the semester and conducts an evaluation of both you and your employer at the end of the semester. It submits employer feedback on you to the instructor.
4. You must attend a mandatory internship meeting prior to beginning the internship.

Visit Career Services.
Meet with the instructor about your preferences.
Submit forms to the Registrar’s office
Detailed project description
Interim progress report
Interim progress report
Detailed final report
Final presentation

Grade: The grade is Pass or Fail.