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cs 440

CS 440 Algorithms

Catalog Data: The course studies standard methods and examples in the design and analysis of algorithms. Topics include some basic paradigms in algorithm design and analysis and the efficiency and optimality of representative algorithms selected from some graph, pattern matching, numerical, randomized and approximation algorithms.  

Prerequisite:  Math 141 or 405 and CS 234. 

Textbook:   Introduction to Algorithms, Thomas H Cormen, Charles E Leiserson, Ronald L Rivest and Clifford  Stein, 3rd edition, MIT press, 2009.

Prerequisites: You must have fundamental skills in problem solving, data structures and the design of algorithms and classes for object oriented software and their implementation in Java.  

Goals: You will gain a working knowledge of the tools, language and thought processes inherent in designing professional algorithms.  You will incorporate algorithmic design and analysis into your arsenal of problem solving techniques.  You will code selected algorithms.

The role of algorithms in computing
Insertion sort and merge sort
Asymptotic efficiency
Divide-and-Conquer algorithms
Sorting in linear time
Greedy algorithms
Graph algorithms
Minimum spanning tree algorithms
Single source shortest path algorithms
All pairs shortest path algorithms
Maximum flow algorithms
String matching algorithms
NP completeness
Approximation algorithms
Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive.