Dr. Babu George is Professor and Associate Dean in the School of Business. He has a PhD in Management, a DBA in International Business, and an EdS in Higher Education Innovation and Leadership. He is a graduate of Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management. Previously, he served on a diverse range of academic-administrative roles at various universities, including Fort Hays State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Alaska Pacific University, University of Southern Mississippi, among others. Besides, he holds visiting professor designations at more than fifteen universities around the world. Since 2001, he has taught a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level courses in management, marketing, entrepreneurship, tourism, healthcare, international business, higher education leadership, etc. He has published more than 200 research papers in international scholarly journals. His latest books include Digital Transformation in Business and Society (2020 – Springer Nature), International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters (2020 – Emerald), and Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Services (2020 – IGI Global). As a higher education administrator, his commitment is to help shape and nurture transformative educational interventions that uplift individuals and communities to lead in the future. As a teacher and researcher, he is inspired by the interdisciplinarity of knowledge interconnecting disciplines and professions. He was born and raised in a remote little village in Kerala, in the southernmost region of India; he migrated to the US under the USCIS Outstanding Researcher program. He is an avid traveler and something that he celebrates deeply is the beauty of diversity in cultures; he has traveled, either for leisure, work, or volunteering, to more than 70 countries.