Dr. Kevin Chovanec, Assistant Professor, studies early modern literature, focusing particularly on intellectual history, book history, religion and literature, the Renaissance theater, and digital humanities. He did his undergraduate work at Marquette University in his hometown, Milwaukee, WI, where a particularly engaging Shakespeare course converted him from a Computer Science major to an English major; he received his MA from the University of Chicago and his PhD from the University of North Carolina. In his research, he is fascinated by sites of cultural exchange, and, relatedly, the technologies that facilitate it – whether codex or computer, the sonnet or a blog. In early modern literature, this might comprise seventeenth-century English players performing Shakespeare in English for German-speaking audiences, or multilingual poetry collections celebrating learned humanist rulers. In the classroom, this interest has manifested itself in service-learning classes that build digital exhibits of student activism on campus or partner with local high school students to adapt Shakespeare. In all his work, he is curious about how the circulation of art and ideas across linguistic and cultural borders gives shape to both ourselves and our communities.