Memphis, TN

Are you an alum of CBU?
Yes! I graduated in the Spring of 2017.

Years of Service
Less than one year

What is your favorite thing about Memphis?
My favorite thing about Memphis is all the amazing restaurants!

I might be spotted in these places around Memphis
You might find me biking around Overton Park or hanging out with my friends around Midtown.

Favorite TV Show
My favorite TV show fluctuates from time to time. Right now, it’s a German show on Netflix called "Dark." It covers time travel in a super interesting and spooky way.

Favorite Vacation Spot
The beach! Any of them.

What does being Lasallian mean to me?
Being Lasallian to me means showing love and respect for all persons.

Favorite spot at CBU?
My favorite spot on campus is the top floor of the library. It’s a great, quiet place to get work done.

Favorite CBU tradition
My favorite tradition at CBU is the annual Christmas dinner! Everyone on campus gets so excited and the food is amazing.

Fun fact about you
I met my fiancé at CBU!

I love to go biking, use my sewing machine, and watch new shows.

Advice for students
Ask us ANYTHING you’re not sure about. We love to hear from you all and are happy to help. When it comes to college, it’s always better to ask than to wait until it’s too late.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Christian Brothers University, 2017
  • Master of Arts in Higher Education, Eastern Kentucky University, 2020