Dr. Marius Carriere, Professor in History and Political Science, is a native of New Orleans. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (where he had a brief stint on the baseball team), his master's from Stephen F. Austin State University, and his PhD from LSU, where he specialized in southern history, with an interest in slavery and politics, and a concentration in southern literature. He completed post-graduate work at The University of Michigan in quantitative analysis and statistics. Dr. Carriere has published a number of articles and essays in these areas, including "Reconstruction in Memphis" in Words at War: The Civil War and American Journalism, Purdue University Press, 2008 and "Anti-Catholicism, Nativism, and Louisiana Politics in the 1850s" in Religion in Louisiana, Lafayette: Center for Louisiana Studies, 2004, and is currently working on a manuscript about Louisiana politics and ethnicity before the Civil War. “I strongly believe that good teaching comes from keeping active in research and professional development. I am an active member in several historical associations, as well as, the American Association of University Professors.” Dr. Carriere teaches advanced courses in colonial America, American Revolution and early national period, antebellum South, Civil War and Reconstruction, and the South since Reconstruction.