A Memphis native and Harding Academy graduate, Neel earned a degree in sports and leisure management from the University of Memphis. His career has taken him across the country, working with Young Life camps in Oregon, North Carolina, and Georgia, as well as in international boarding in Houston, Texas, where he served as a legal guardian.

Neel holds an MS management from Arizona State University and an MSEd from CBU, and has worked as a college admissions counselor at CBU since 2022. His professional journey reflects a deep commitment to supporting the next generation as they explore and discover their paths to purpose (John 6:45 + Micah 6:8). Outside school, Neel enjoys reading in coffee shops, cheering on his favorite teams, watching movies at Malco, and spending time at home with his wife, their daughter, and their fox-red Labrador, Scout. Neel cherishes the close-knit community at CBU, a sense of belonging, and personal connections fostered here where professors know students by name.