Huntsville, AL

Are you an alum of CBU?

Collierville, Central, Collegiate, Arlington, Cordova, Lausanne, Pleasant View, Fayette Academy, and MUS

What is your favorite thing about Memphis?
The people of Memphis love their city and invite newcomers to be a part of the community.

I might be spotted in these places around Memphis
Any zoo, park, or deli!

Favorite TV Show
“The West Wing”

Favorite Vacation Spot
The Great Smoky Mountains

What does being Lasallian mean to me?
Being Lasallian means extending respect and inclusion to all people and encouraging others to do the same.

Favorite spot at CBU?
The art gallery in the library.

Favorite CBU tradition
I love that students promote their events by painting the big rock on the quad.

Fun fact about you
I used to work with owls to teach students about wildlife.

Bird watching, hiking, and kayaking.

Advice for students
Volunteer as much as you can! It will help build your resume and professional skills, give you an idea of what career you might want to pursue, is great for the community, and will teach you so much about service and your neighbors.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Science, Samford University, 2017