Memphis, TN

Are you an alum of CBU?

Years of Service
Almost five!

Transfer & International students

What is your favorite thing about Memphis?
The grit and grind of the people

I might be spotted in these places around Memphis
The Art Center, Michael's Arts & Crafts, maybe at Minglewood for a concert (depending on the artist)

Favorite TV Show
"Family Feud," "Saints & Sinners," "Greenleaf," "Painting with Bob Ross" (syndicated)

Favorite Vacation Spot
Atlanta (but looking to expand that vacation spot list)

What does being Lasallian mean to me?
It means doing the right thing for the humanity of the people without the anticipation of anything in return.

Favorite spot at CBU?
The Buc

Favorite CBU tradition
Painting the Rock

I’m left-handed! (Maybe not that fun, but definitely a rarity!)
I met my fiancé at CBU!

Painting, brain puzzles/activities

Advice for students
In EVERY aspect of this application process, please be HONEST! Your honesty with us will help us be honest and accurate with you!


  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Science, Christian Brothers University, 2008