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The Rosa DealSchool of Arts

Education Areas of Study

The following academic programs are available through the Department of Education. Please do not hesitate to contact a faculty or staff member if you have any questions. For specific program paradigms, please consult the Academic Catalog.

Undergraduate Programs   Degree   Initial Licensure   Additional 
B.A. in Cultural Studies    
B.A. in Liberal Studies    
5th Year/Plus One Programs   
Programs for Adult Learners       
B.A. in Early Childhood Education  
B.A. in Special Education  
Graduate Programs      
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)   
Master of Education (MEd)    
Master of Science in Educational
Leadership (MSEL)
Fast Track Educational Leadership (FTEL)    
Additional Endorsement Program    
Post-Baccalaureate Teacher
Education Program
Reading Specialist Program    
Special Programs & Partnerships      
BAL to PAL    
PLUS 30/45    
TFA and MTF Partnership (MEd)    
SMILA (Simultaneous, Multi-Sensory 
Institute of Language Arts) Partnership
Gifted Academy      


Initial vs. Additional Licensure

The Department of Education offers courses towards both Initial and Additional Licensure:

  • Initial Licensure is for those who do not hold an apprentice or professional teaching license.
  • Additional Licensure is for those who wish to add an endorsement to their apprentice or professional teaching license.

If you are unsure about your licensure or career goals, please do not hesitate to contact the Department at 901-321-4350 or We would be happy to help you figure it out.