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Fast Track Educational Leadership

This program is designed for individuals who already possess a Master's degree in education and have three years of teaching experience before applying to the program. The "Fast Track" Educational Leadership Program is an 18 credit hour, one-year program focused on preparation for formal school leadership roles – principal, assistant principal, supervisor, or facilitator – and for the Beginning Instructional Leadership License (ILL-B) in Tennessee. Please take a look at the Fast Track Educational Leadership Program Course Checklist to get a better idea if this program is for you.

Application deadlines

To be considered for application, all your application materials should be submitted by:

  • Fall Entry - July 15

Cohorts are planned for each Fall, but CBU reserves the right to defer entry based on applicant numbers.

To apply

To apply complete the M.S.E.L Online Application Form

  • Please be prepared to upload the following information as you complete the online application:
    • Letters of recommendation: As part of the application, you will be asked to provide email addresses of individuals to contact regarding recommendations. Provide three, from two peers and one supervisor.
    • Apprentice or Professional Tennessee Teaching License showing at least three years teaching experience.
    • Confidential Application Portfolio which contains: 
      • Current resume.
      • Copy of your background check within the last year or to have your fingerprints taken, contact IdentoGO services at www.identogo.com. Select NonDCS Child Care/Adoption Providers as the Agency and Child-Related Worker (Private) as the Applicant Type. Provide CBU’s ORI# TNCC79123. Once you are fingerprinted, the information will be sent to TAPS and CBU should receive a full report in about one week. 
      • Copies of last three years of evaluation documents. If this not available, provide documentation of administrative experiences through your school system’s Teacher/Administrator Verification Form.
      • Complete a Professional Development Plan based upon three areas of improvement.
      • Evidence to demonstrate an ability to improve student achievement and leadership in coaching others to raise student achievement.
      • Evidence of in-depth knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
      • Evidence to demonstrate an ability to develop collaborative, cooperative relationships with stakeholders.
      • A personal statement of career goals and how the leadership program at CBU can assist you in reaching these goals.
      • A Philosophy of Instructional Leadership.
      • Autobiographical Sketch.
  • If you are not employed by a TN public school district at this time, you must submit a background check.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • Applicants must also complete the Star Administrator Questionnaire - results must be emailed to GraduateEducation@cbu.edu.
  • An interview with the Graduate Education Committee.
  • $35 application fee.

For more information please contact the Education Department at GraduateEducation@cbu.edu or at (901)321-4350.

*Please do not submit a portfolio in a notebook or in protective sheets. Plain sheets in a manila envelope is ideal.

All admissions materials should be sent to:

Department of Education
c/o Administrative Assistant
Christian Brothers University
650 East Parkway South, Box 101
Memphis, TN 38104