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The Rosa DealSchool of Arts

Fast Track Educational Leadership


Our Fast Track Educational Leadership Program can help speed you on your way to a school leadership position. If you have a master’s degree in education and three years teaching experience, you can apply now.

This 18-credit hour, one-year cohort program will prepare you for positions such as principal, assistant principal, supervisor, or facilitator and for the Beginning Instructional Leadership License (ILL-B) in Tennessee.

Academic Courses

Semester One:

  • Organizational and Policy Perspectives
  • Exploring School Leadership
  • Leadership Practicum I

Semester Two:

  • Strategies for Whole School Renewal
  • Supervision and Teacher Development
  • Leadership Practicum II

Semester Three:

  • Administrative Professional Experience
  • Managing the Modern School

The Fast Track Educational Leadership Program Course Checklist (PDF) will help you plan your courses.

Application Deadlines

To be considered for application, all your application materials should be submitted by fall entry - July 15.

Cohorts are planned for each Fall, but CBU reserves the right to defer entry based on applicant numbers.


Contact Dr. Ric Potts at for more information or with questions.