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Teach For America

Christian Brothers University has partnered with Teach for America to offer a tailored 33 hour M.Ed. degree, which includes: 18 hours of core courses, 6 hours of electives, and 9 hours of experiential learning credit. Experiential credit will be posted for the following courses: 

Experiential Credit
 Credit Hours 
CIED 606 Classroom Leadership                                                                                                3
CIED 605 Urban Teaching Strategies  3
EDFD 608 Fundamentals of Urban Education  3
Total credit hours earned through this partnership:  9
Core Courses
 Credit Hours 
LEAD 601 Teacher as Leader                                                                                                      3
EDFD 605 The Philosophy and Ethics of Education  3
EDFD 639 Midpoint Assessment  3
EDFD 640 Ed Research  3
EDFD 675 Capstone  4
LEAD 615 Whole School Renewal  3
Total core course credit hours: 18
Elective Courses
 Credit Hours 
Your choice of 2 electives from CIED, EDFD, LEAD, READ, EDTC, EDDL, or LEAD courses              6
Total Program Hours 
Program Cost 

Graduate M.Ed. tuition is $600.00 per credit hour. CBU offers a 20% tuition discount for all TFA members, which reduces tuition to $480.00 per credit hour. There may also be AmeriCorps funds available to TFA members that can further offset tuition. Please contact your TFA representative for more information about AmeriCorps funds. 

Experiential Credit Cost:

CBU assesses a fee of $150 per credit hour for experiential learning credit, for a total cost of $1,350.00. This is charged in the place of tuition. Tuition for a comparable number of credit hours is substantially greater, so TFA students receive an amazing discount for these courses through our partnership! 

CBU Advantage 

The advantage of completing your M.Ed. at CBU is that our program offers a much more personal approach than other programs; particularly online programs. You will know your professors and your peers, and you will build working relationships that last beyond the classroom.

The M.Ed. is a mix of traditional face-to-face lecture courses, hybrid courses, and online courses. It has been created to meet the needs of the working classroom teacher and offers a specific perspective for teachers who work within the Memphis metro area. The degree will prove valuable whether you stay in the Memphis Metro area. 

The program is steeped in educational ethics, leadership skills, and action research and it reflects the core values of servant leadership and teaching as a vocation. The degree will prove valuable whether you stay in the Memphis Metro area or move to another state to teach. 

Students in the Master of Education program for Teach for America typically enter the CBU Program in the summer or fall following their first year of teaching service. If your situation does not match this, please contact the Education Department at GraduateEducation@cbu.edu.  

To apply: 
  • Complete online application form. Please DO NOT send application materials such as transcripts without first completing an online application file. Make sure that your application includes an email address for a signature from a TFA official. 
  • You will be exempted from admissions testing if the cumulative grade point average for your undergraduate degree was at least a 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) AND you have passed all Praxis II tests for your licensure area. 
  • If you are not exempted from admissions testing, you will need to present passing scores on either the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The minimum score on the MAT is 40; the passing score on the GRE is 900, based on combining the scores for the qualitative and quantitative portions of the test, with a minimum score of 4.5 on the analytic writing portion. 
  • Essay on your philosophy of teaching and education. You may address any of the following topics: the purpose of schooling in society; the role of leadership in the life of a school; the educational needs of today's students; what kind of curriculum is important in the 21st century; what constitutes effective school leadership; the role of the school leader in today's society; or the qualities that characterize excellence in leadership. 
  • Copy of Teaching License (please attach to the online application). 
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Student copies will not be accepted. The transcript must be sent directly from the university to CBU Graduate and Professional Studies. 
  • Copies of all Praxis II tests completed up to this point. 
  • Copy of your background check within the last year or to have your fingerprints taken, contact IdentoGO services at www.identogo.com. Select NonDCS Child Care/Adoption Providers as the Agency and Child-Related Worker (Private) as the Applicant Type. Provide CBU’s ORI# TNCC79123. Once you are fingerprinted, the information will be sent to TAPS and CBU should receive a full report in about one week. 

Email all items to: GraduateEducation@cbu.edu

Application Deadlines 
  • For January entry: all application materials must be received, and interview must be conducted before the last week of December.
  • For June entry: all application materials must be received, and interview must be conducted before the last week of May. 
  • August entry: all application materials must be received, and interview must be conducted before the last week of July. 
Experiential Learning Assessment 

During the first semester of enrollment, TFA students complete the Experiential Learning Assessment Form to have the 9 hours of experiential learning credit posted to their academic record. Please review the instructions and then see the Department of Education for the form and attachments. 

NOTE: This webpage is meant as a resource for those who are current participants in Teach for America. To apply to Teach for America, please apply with the organization directly. 

If you have questions about the program, the admission process, or anything connected to the CBU-TFA partnership, please contact Program Director, Dr. Cort Casey: cort.casey@cbu.edu