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Gadomski School ofEngineering

Egg Drop Competition

We handle packages in one form or another every day. Without packaging, our standard of living would fall far below present levels. Most of us are unaware of the science and engineering that go into making packaging materials. Packaging engineering is a comparatively new interdisciplinary field in which scientific and engineering principles are applied to develop and produce packages that contain, protect, preserve, inform, and sell a product.

The goal of the contest is to design packaging (box and packing) to contain and protect a raw chicken egg from breaking when dropped from up to 60 feet! Soft, crushable packing that encloses a lot of air is best. Foam rubber or plastics, feathers, cotton, or synthetic batting are all good “cushioners.” Think of materials that are soft and yielding and light. What soft and fluffy materials could be used? How can the weight of the package (box and packing), as well as the volume of the box, be minimized?

Each package may be tested several times at increasing heights in order to determine first, second, and third place winners.


  1. Maximum team size: 1 (one person per team)
  2. Weight of package (without the egg) must not exceed 1 lb.
  3. Maximum exterior volume is 250 cubic inches.
  4. No glass or other materials that shatter.
  5. No sharp edges.
  6. No parachutes, helium, wings, etc., are allowed to slow down the fall.
  7. Contestants are to bring their packaging to the event. No materials will be provided for on-site building.
  8. No commercially build packaging (injection molded, or thermoformed in the form of blisters, clamshells, etc.) may be entered. Materials commonly available (plastics, Styrofoam, paper, cloth, etc.) may be used in the construction of the box and packing.
  9. Discoloration of the egg due to packaging will lead to disqualification.
  10. Containers must include an opening for insertion of the raw chicken egg and checking for breakage by the event staff.
  11. The time allowed for insertion of the egg into the packaging is limited to 60 seconds.
  12. Top of the container will be marked by event staff during check-in/qualification at the competition.

Judging Criteria:

  • The competing packages will be tested with raw Grade A Large size chicken eggs supplied by CBU.
  • If there is a tie, the packages will be loaded in the package smasher, increasing weight until the egg is cracked. (The package can compress)