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Engineering Management (EM)



The engineer, scientist, or technologist moving into a leadership or managerial role needs the latest business tools and techniques to drive their organizations to success. These tools are not normally part of the technical undergraduate curriculum. When experience is not enough and 33 hours of graduate credit is too much, consider a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management.

All course requirements can be completed online, live (usually between 5:30 and 8:15 p.m. for 15 weeks) or a combination of the two. All classes are captured on our media servers so if you cannot make it to a particular live lecture because of work or family obligations, you can watch a video recording later.

All classes can be applied toward the MSEM or MSCIS Program upon successful completion.

Required courses

ENGM 600. Theory and Applications in Engineering Management
Management theories, concepts, and applications in an engineering or other technical environment; roles and responsibilities of the engineering manager as integral part of an organization’s overall performance; motivation and leadership theories and methodologies. Three credits

ENGM 603. Engineering Financial Management and Accounting

Understanding of financial decisions by corporations. Uses and limitations of accounting information. Topics include return on investment; return on assets; asset management; capital planning; budgets, controls, taxes, profit centers; financial and risk analysis. Three credits

ENGM 612. Technical Project Management
Development and management of engineering and technology projects. Project proposal preparation; resource and cost estimating; and project planning, organizing, and controlling: network diagrams and other techniques. Role of project manager: team building, conflict resolution, and contract negotiations. Three credits