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Online Registration for First Year Students

Review your Placement Profile in BannerWeb

Check out the Recommended First Semester Courses By Major.

  • Find your Major (e.g., Psychology) and click on it; a drop-down list of courses appears.
  • Note: All incoming first-year students (students who are undergraduates for the first time) must take CBU 101.
  • Students with AP, Dual Enrollment, and IB credit should register for all the recommended courses listed under their major. Once your AP/IB/DE credit posts, you will have time to make changes to your course schedule. 


Complete Online Registration
Have CRNs for your courses available.
In BannerWeb, follow these steps, go to:

  1. Student Services
  2. Registration
  3. Add or Drop Classes
  4. Search by Term and select the one you want
  5. Submit
  6. In the Alternate PIN: field, type: CBU123
  7. Submit
  8. Pick a Subject from Recommended First Semester Courses for your major
  9. Course Search
  10. Find a course
  11. View Sections
  12. Review the Days and Times that the course is offered.
  13. If there is NO check box under the select column, but instead there is a “C” it means this course is CLOSED (it is full). Pick a different section.  If no additional sections exist, you will have to pick a different course. Refer to your Recommended First First-Semester list. Registering for classes for first-year students is somewhat competitive because Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores have already registered. As you advance through your college career, you too will have more choices.
  14. Click on the check box to the left of the section you chose.
  15. Submit Changes
  16. New Search 
  17. Repeat Steps 1-13 until you are registered for 12-18 hours. 12 hours is considered full time.
  18. Review your Current Schedule
  19. IF Registration Add Errors are present, you will need to change your schedule to resolve your errors. See Common Registration Add Errors and Solutions below.
  20. IF NO Registration Add Errors exist or you have resolved your errors, Congratulations! You now have a Course Schedule.


  • ERROR: DAY or NURS students may not take CAPS (CP) courses and CAPS students may not take Non-CAPS (M) courses
     You have accidentally selected a CAPS (College of Professional Studies) course.  You must select a different course.
  • ERROR: Time conflict with CRN #####
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are trying to register for two classes that happen at the same time. Find a course that fits with your schedule.
  • ERROR: Co-requisite, Pre-requisite or Test Score Error
    REASON/SOLUTION: (1) Co-requisite means you must register for two classes at the same time. For example, you must register for both a science lecture AND the corresponding science lab at the same time. 
    (2) Pre-requisite means you must take another course before you can take this one. Take another look at your Placement Profile in Banner Web. 
    (3) Test score error means your ACT score does not place you into this class.  Refer to your Placement Profile for the appropriate course.
  • ERROR: Duplicate Course with Section #####
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are already registered for another section of this course.
  • ERROR: Duplicate CRN
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are already registered for this course.

    Please contact Academic Services with any questions at 901-321-3758 or