Online Registration for First Year Students

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Online Registration for First Year Students




A. Receive letter from CBU Admissions that contains:

  1. Your nine-digit Student Identification Number beginning with “899…”.
  2. Commit this number to memory; you’ll use it a lot in the next four years!
  3. If you have questions, please contact Admissions at or call them at (901) 321-3205.

B. Receive ALT PIN

You will receive an email from Academic Services with subject: “CBU Online Registration for Fall” (from: CBU Academic Services that contains:

  1. Your ALT PIN for online registration (different from your Banner Web PIN) that you will need in Step G 8 below.
  2. An overview of everything you need to do to get registered for your Fall 2016 classes.
  3. If you have questions, please contact Academic Services at or call them at (901) 321-3758.

C. Set Up BannerWeb Account

You will receive an email from CBU ITS with subject: “Christian Brothers University” (from: CBU Banner Student Services that contains:

  1. Your Personal Identification Number (a.k.a. Your Banner Web PIN); This PIN is temporary, and you will be required to change it immediately. Note: Banner Web is your self-service tool for all of your student information needs. You are able to register for classes, manage personal and financial information, billing details, view schedules and modify courses.
  2. Instructions for accessing Your Banner Web Account.
  3. Instructions for Activating your CBU Active Directory/CBU Email Account.
  4. If you have questions, please contact the CBU IT Help Desk at or (901) 321-4438.

D. Check out the Recommended First Semester Courses By Major

  1. In a browser window, type
  2. Find your Major (e.g., Psychology) and click on it; a drop-down list of courses appears.
  3. To see a complete list of degree requirements you will need to look at DegreeWorks.  For more information, check out:
  4. All incoming first year students (students who are undergraduates for the first time) must take CBU 101.
  5. Write down, screen capture, or keep your browser window open so you can see the list of courses you need to take for your major this first semester.

E. Review your Placement Profile

  1. Log in to BannerWeb.
  2. Click the Student Services tab.
  3. Click Student Records.
  4. Click View Placement Profile.
    • Review the content on this screen thoroughly.  Click here for general Placement Information.
      • Review your declared Major
      • Review your ACT scores in Math, Science, English, and Composite
      • Review your placements
    • IF your Placement Profile indicates you are eligible to take a course that your Major does not require - you don’t have to take the course.
    • IF your Placement Profile indicates you must take a specific course before you are eligible to take a higher level one that your Major does require - you must take the course indicated on your Placement Profile. For example: If you are eligible to take Math 103 but your Major requires you to take Math 105, you must first take Math 103 and pass it before you are eligible to take Math 105.
  5. Write down, screen capture, or keep your browser window open so you can see your Placement Profile as you build your schedule. 

F. Plan Your Schedule

The schedule planning process is a great lesson is strategic planning and this is where being flexible is really important. First, you are going to plan out your perfect schedule (Plan A).  Find all the perfect offerings (days and times) for ALL the classes you need to take. See how all the courses fit together. Make the schedule work for you. Then, you are going to make a contingency plan (Plan B) in case the courses you want to take are already full.  Use a pencil. These plans are subject to change and you may have to compromise on your perfect schedule. We promise you though, you will still meet great people, great teachers and have a great experience even if you don’t get your perfect schedule this first semester.

  1. Print at least two Schedule Planner documents. Use this to plan what days and times to take classes. Download Planner documents here »»
  2. Log in to BannerWeb.
  3. Click on the Student Services tab.
  4. Click Registration.
  5. Click Look-up Classes.
  6. Click on the Search by Term drop-down arrow.
  7. Click Fall 2016.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click a Subject from the list of Recommended First Semester Courses for your Major.
  10. Click Course Search.
  11. Find the course specified under your Major from the Recommended First Semester Course list.
  12. Click View Sections.
  13. Review the Days and Times that the course is offered. Figure out Plan A and Plan B now. If there is NO check box under the select column, but instead there is a “C” it means this course is CLOSED (it is full). Pick a different section.  If no additional sections exist, you will have to pick a different course. Refer to your Recommended First Semester Course list.
  14. PENCIL the course offering into your schedule at the appropriate days and times.
  15. Write down the CRN(s) [Course Registration Number]. Find each course.
  16. Click New Search to find the next recommended course.
  17. Repeat Steps 6 – 16 until you are done.
  18. Click on the Student Services tab.

G. Complete Online Registration

Registering for classes for first year students is somewhat competitive because Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores have already registered. As you advance through your college career, you too will have more choices.

  1. Have the CRNs for your Plan A and Plan B courses at your side.
  2. Log in to BannerWeb.
  3. Click on the Student Services tab.
  4. Click Registration.
  5. Click Add or Drop Classes.
  6. Make sure the Select a Term window shows Fall 2016 (if not, click the drop down arrow and select Fall 2016.)
  7. Click Submit.
  8. In the Alternate PIN: field, type in your ALTERNATE PIN (you received this in the email from CBU Academic Services).
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Scroll down to the Add Classes Worksheet and type ALL your CRNS into the boxes provided.
  11. Click Submit Changes.
  12. Review your Current Schedule.
    • IF Registration Add Errors are present, you will need to change your schedule to resolve your errors. See Common Registration Add Errors and Solutions below.
    • IF NO Registration Add Errors exist or you have resolved your errors, congratulations! You now have a Fall 2016 Course Schedule.
      • Click on the Student Services tab.
      • Click Registration.
      • Click Student Schedule.
      • Enter the date 08/22/2016.
      • Click Submit.
      • When the schedule appears in week format, right click and Print. If you don’t have a printer, you will have the opportunity to print your schedule during Summer Orientation.
  • ERROR: DAY or NURS students may not take CAPS (CP) courses and CAPS students may not take Non-CAPS (M) courses
     You have accidentally selected a CAPS (College of Professional Studies) course.  You must select a different course.
  • ERROR: Time conflict with CRN #####
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are trying to register for two classes that happen at the same time. Find a course that fits with your schedule.
  • ERROR: Co-requisite, Pre-requisite or Test Score Error
    REASON/SOLUTION: (1) Co-requisite means you must register for two classes at the same time. For example, you must register for both a science lecture AND the corresponding science lab at the same time. 
    (2) Pre-requisite means you must take another course before you can take this one. Take another look at your Placement Profile in Banner Web. (Go back to Step E. Review your Placement Profile).
    (3) Test score error means your ACT score does not place you into this class.  Refer to your Placement Profile for the appropriate course.
  • ERROR: Duplicate Course with Section #####
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are already registered for another section of this course.
  • ERROR: Duplicate CRN
    REASON/SOLUTION: You are already registered for this course.

H. Attend Summer Orientation

We expect all incoming students to attend a Summer Orientation session.

Orientation gets you acquainted with the campus, builds community, and assists in your transition to college. For your Orientation experience to run smoothly, do your best to have Steps A - G above completed before your Summer Orientation date. At Orientation, we will have Advisors from the School of Arts, School of Business, School of Engineering, and School of Sciences who will approve your registration and answer any remaining questions you have.  Click here to go to the Orientation Main Page. Be sure to sign up for Summer Orientation!

I. Attend Fall 2016 Classes

Move-in day is Friday, August 19 for incoming students. Click here for information about Welcome Weekend and move-in day. Your first semester as a new college student is going to be great!