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Gay Straight Alliance

The GSA at CBU seeks to actively bridge LGBT+ persons and their straight allies together by serving as a constructive medium, which encourages the campus community to explore their relationship with their peers and humanity.

GSA operates in accordance with the principles and values of Christian Brothers University by seeking connection between students on campus. GSA believes that its mission is fulfilled in three way: 

1) Building Community: GSA will function as a social venue, which brings LGBT+ and straight people together through various events, meetings, and other activities. GSA realizes that person-to-person interaction is essential in the establishment of an open, accepting, and inclusive environment on campus. 

2) Understanding: In the promotion of justice and acceptance of others, GSA will be a forum that provokes thought through education. GSA recognizes that real understanding comes from the channeling of discussion and welcomes free dialogue amongst all people. 

3) Supporting: GSA will strive, to the best of its abilities, to provide for those who feel they are in need of support by maintaining an open door policy for dialogue and providing outside resources. It must be understood that, in certain circumstances, GSA cannot guarantee total confidentiality.