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Giving Opportunities

Faith in Progress: the Campaign for Advancing Education, our $70 million capital campaign, provides exciting new opportunities for our students and faculty as well as the community we serve. It also provides opportunities for our friends and supporters to create a lasting legacy while committing to our future. 

The projects and programs included in this campaign are summarized below:

STEMM CoLab Partnership Endowment

CBU has partnered with Christian Brothers High School to establish a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) CoLab Program for CBHS students. Following an innovative, proven curriculum, this program gives high school students hands-on experience with projects and concepts that will prepare them for the most in-demand 21st-century jobs. CBU seeks to establish an endowment supporting its portion of the project, ensuring that the CoLab will continue to cultivate, support, and empower excellent STEMM students for years to come.

STEM Outreach Faculty Support Endowment

CBU will establish an endowment supporting faculty positions to coordinate and oversee its various K-12 STEM Outreach initiatives. The Education Department will collaborate with individual project directors to develop, evaluate, and refine these programs. It will work with public and private schools to implement them as widely as possible. It will also coordinate the evaluation of these projects’ effectiveness and monitor their reach and impact. The endowment will provide annual funding to supplement existing faculty salaries and hire additional adjunct, part-time, or full-time professors as CBU’s outreach expands.

School of Business Summer Camps

$300,000 (for five years)
CBU recently launched two summer camps for high school students interested in Business: an Accounting Career Awareness Program (in conjunction with the National Association of Black Accountants) and a Business Immersion Camp. The university wishes to support these camps over the coming years while establishing an additional accounting camp to accommodate demand. These camps provide high school students with a fun, intensive, week-long experience that offers an overview of various Business disciplines while prompting ambitious, high-potential students to consider pursuing an undergraduate degree at CBU.

Lasallian College

Lasallian College is an innovative five-year program for students who wish to earn a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) but who are underprepared for the rigors of a CBU education. The program provides a structured, supportive, comprehensive college experience, including additional academic preparation and ongoing support. For students who commit to the program and meet all academic requirements, regular CBU tuition will be waived in their fifth year.

K-12 STEM Outreach Projects

Recognizing the need to foster interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at an early age, CBU proposes three innovative, intensive STEM outreach projects serving K-12 students. The first is an interactive after-school STEM curriculum designed by a world-renowned neuroscientist. The second is a computer-science-based teaching tool utilizing groundbreaking work done by a CBU professor. The third is a campus-based center offering programming to spark an interest in STEM among young women.

Summer Facility Enhancement Endowment

This endowment will generate funding to maintain operations of key campus facilities during the summer months. Currently, campus amenities such as dorms and dining halls are closed during the summer due to lack of use. The unavailability of these amenities creates a major barrier to developing new programs. As a result, the CBU campus is underutilized during the summer. The annual yield from this endowment will enable campus facilities to continue functioning as needed over the summer, greatly expanding CBU’s ability to host day and overnight summer programming by internal and external groups.

School of Arts Building Reconstruction

As part of its “Faith in Progress” Campaign, CBU will demolish Kenrick Hall and build a new home for its School of Arts.?The Rosa Deal School of Arts Building will feature innovative, comfortable classroom spaces, academic centers, laboratories, and other facilities designed for intensive teaching and learning in the arts and the humanities. Among other elements, the building will house a Language Center, a state-of-the-art Psychology Lab, student exhibition space, and the Writing Center. The Deal School of Arts Building will be more open and accessible, providing a window into the arts and increasing their visibility across campus.

Student and Community Life Center

CBU will construct a state-of-the-art Student and Community Life Center on its campus. The three-story facility will provide dedicated space for dining, recreation, health and fitness, student group and student government offices, and much more. Portions of the building will be open to the surrounding community as well. The SCLC will be constructed near the university’s Central Avenue entrance, making it convenient and accessible for students and community members alike.

Faculty Recruitment and Retention Endowment

CBU will establish an endowment to supplement current faculty salaries with a number of prestigious new professorships, fellowships, and teaching awards. The annual yield from this endowment will serve to acknowledge and reward outstanding faculty members while incentivizing the entire faculty to further enhance their support of students. Specific recognition opportunities will be based on donor interest and intent. The endowment will fund these awards in perpetuity.

Student Success Endowment

This endowment will provide annual funding for tutoring, mentorships, and other support initiatives for motivated but struggling students. Currently, CBU relies on successful upperclassmen to provide tutoring and other academic support. In order to secure and increase this support, the university will compensate tutors, mentors, and learning assistants with an hourly wage. Much of the programming enabled by the Student Success Endowment will be housed in the Academic Success Center in the renovated Plough Library.

Plough Library and Academic Success Center

CBU’s Plough Library will be renovated to include an Academic Success Center, which will consist of a Learning Commons and a Digital Communications Lab. Renovations will include additional amenities such as a coffee stand, public printers, and more. The project will also refresh the building’s façade, creating a welcoming and accessible foyer space. The goal of the renovations will be to provide students with space for interactive team and group study, encouraging study habits and improved academic achievement.

Athletic Facilities Upgrades

CBU will undertake major renovations, improvements, and additions to a number of its athletic facilities. Initiatives include renovating Canale Arena, constructing tennis courts, relocating and upgrading the softball field, constructing an Athletics Complex on the east side of campus, and lighting the baseball field. Together, these improvements will provide CBU with facilities appropriate to a competitive Division II school. They will aid recruitment and retention by fostering an improved experience for student athletes, and they will serve other students as well as Memphis community members who visit CBU’s campus as spectators.

Honors Program Scholarship Endowment

CBU will establish an endowment to fund in perpetuity five full-tuition scholarships through the university’s Honors Program.?The Honors Program serves ambitious, academically excellent, socially conscious students who want an even more challenging undergraduate experience. The endowment will provide for one scholarship at each of the four grade levels, as well as one additional scholarship to be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee.

Faculty Development Endowment

CBU will establish an endowment to support professional development opportunities for its faculty members, such as research and conference attendance. Such activities are key to maintaining expertise in an academic field and are increasingly required for tenure. The university’s current funding cannot cover campus-wide demand. The endowment’s yield will be allocated twice a year as competitive awards. Applications will be reviewed and recommended by a panel of volunteer faculty members representing each academic school, with final funding decisions made by the Vice President for Academics.

Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering

CBU will establish an Endowed Chair position in the emerging field of Biomedical Engineering. This growing healthcare field, which combines mechanical engineering with anatomy and physiology, provides excellent job prospects in the near future. A Chair position in this field will enable CBU to develop a concentration in Biomedical Engineering, and will empower the university to move toward the development of a minor and ultimately a major in the discipline.

STEM Program Equipment Endowment


This endowed fund will provide support for major equipment and instrumentation in CBU’s School of Sciences. In order to continue attracting, retaining, and graduating excellent students in the STEM disciplines, CBU must supply state-of-the-art teaching tools and scientific equipment for classroom and research use. The yield from this fund will provide annual funding toward the purchase, maintenance, and repair of major scientific equipment. 

Student Undergraduate Research & Experiential Learning Endowment 

This endowment will provide a pool of funding to support students who engage in research and other experiential learning during their time at CBU. CBU students participate in high-level research and often have the opportunity to present their findings at academic conferences. The annual yield from this endowment will create a competitive pool of funding that will enable students to develop, carry out, and disseminate research with real-world value. 

Endowed Chair of Accounting

CBU will establish an Endowed Chair of Accounting in its School of Business. This prestigious position will coordinate and oversee the university’s undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. In addition, the post will be expected to publish research, serve as a liaison to the Memphis business community, and convene and lead an Accounting Advisory Board. The endowment will provide a salary supplement to transform an existing Professor position into a Chair. 

Endowed Packaging Fellowship

CBU will establish an Endowed Packaging Fellowship in the School of Engineering that will support and expand the university’s offerings in the field of Packaging. The endowment will provide funding to hire a part-time faculty member to oversee the university’s Packaging Department, increasing CBU’s expertise in both transportation-based and health care packaging. The position will be established as a part-time position, with the goal of increasing to full-time as the Packaging Department grows. 

Endowed STEM Chair of Excellence

CBU proposes establishing an Endowed STEM Chair of Excellence to acknowledge, incentivize, and reward faculty members who have undertaken vital work in a STEM field. This two-year rotating position will be awarded to existing faculty members in the School of Sciences or the School of Engineering whose work in the STEM disciplines has the potential to transform the university, the community, or the field itself. The endowment’s yield will be used to supplement the recipient’s salary and to hire an adjunct professor to take on a portion of the position’s teaching load. The result will be a financial incentive as well as university- sponsored time for outstanding STEM faculty members to pursue their groundbreaking work.

School of Business Real-World Environments Support

CBU proposes an initiative to create realistic environments for students studying two key 21st-century business disciplines: Finance and Cybersecurity. The Real-World Environments Support initiative will establish a student-managed investment fund, a realistic trading floor lab, and a Cybersecurity “hack lab.” Together, these features will provide invaluable firsthand experiences for students in the School of Business.

Health Sciences Simulation Lab

CBU proposes enhancing the learning environment for students in its Health Sciences programs by establishing a dedicated Simulation Lab. The lab will feature three state-of-the art programmable manikins that can portray a variety of realistic clinical scenarios, giving students firsthand experience without risk to an actual patient. The facility will further enhance CBU’s Health Science offerings and will better prepare students for careers in these growing disciplines.

Summer Nonprofit Assistance Program (SNAP) Endowment

This endowment will fund stipends for 20 CBU students to intern at various area nonprofit organizations during the summer months. Internships will be funded by the endowment and offered at no cost to the nonprofit. The endowment will also provide funding for student interns to live on campus during the summer if they so choose. In addition to offering resources to nonprofits, the program will provide students with invaluable firsthand experience while connecting them more deeply to the Memphis community.

STEM Excellence Series Endowment

This endowment will support an annual public event on CBU’s campus featuring an expert, public figure, or other luminary in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. In addition to delivering a free community talk, the speaker will visit at least one class of CBU STEM majors. The event will foster additional interest in the STEM fields among the Memphis community, raising CBU’s profile as a STEM resource and ultimately bolstering recruitment efforts for the Schools of Engineering and Sciences.