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Dave Archer, Associate Professor
MPH, MBA, Columbia University
Email: darcher@cbu.edu

Troy Drewry, Adjunct Lecturer  
BS, University of Southwestern Louisiana; MS, University of Memphis; MEM, Christian Brothers University  
Email: tdrewry@cbu.edu

Dr. Riham Ishak, Adjunt Lecturer
BA, The American University in Cairo; MA, PhD, University of Memphis
Email: rishak@cbu.edu

Jennifer KmetAdjunct Lecturer
BS, BA, Purdue University; MPH, Ohio State University
Email: jkmet@cbu.edu

Dr. Scott Lawyer, Associate Professor  
BPA, University of Mississippi; JD, University of Mississippi  
Phone: (901) 321-3104  
Email: mlawyer@cbu.edu

Dr. Karen Matthews, Adjunt Instructor
BS, University of Mississippi; MBA, University of Memphis; PhD, University of Tennessee
Email: kmatthe4@cbu.edu