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Honors Conferences

The CBU Honors Program is an Institutional Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council and the Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council. Below is a list of CBU Honor students' involvement in Honors Conferences in recent years. 

2019 National Collegiate Honors Conference

New Orleans, LA • November 2019

Disrupting The Ho Hum Honors Meeting: 25 Activities That Will Make Your Honors Meetings AMAZING!
Presented by: Tracie L. Burke & Ann Bomberger
Can honors be a center of innovation on our campuses? An open discussion.  
Presented by: Linda Frost, Ron Weerheijm, and J. Adams
Dynamic Duos: Two Opportunities for Student Mentoring
Presented by: Peyton Cullen and Bawan Qaladize
Forty-Two Notches: Transformation Through Friendship Between Legolas and Gimli
Presented by: Kelsey Morrisson
The Nature of Evil in Lord of the Rings
Presented by: Bawan Qaladize
The Self-Stigma of Mental Illness and Active Help-Seeking in College Students
Presented by: Megan Morrison
Production of Antibodies to a Carrier/Hapten Complex of Insulin and Bovine Serum Albumin
Presented by: Matthew Scott

2019 Southern Regional Honors Conference 

Memphis, TN • March 2019

Solidifying Competing Narratives Surrounding Mayor Loeb and His Involvement in the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King
Presented by: Mirissa Anderson
Memphis at 200: Where Is It?
Presented by: Peyton Cullen
Climate Change Denial and How to Nip it in the Bud: An exploration of climate change denial, its impact on U.S. action, and strategy for intervention
Presented by: Collin Dice
“I Smell an Atheist! It’s That Freethinking!”: Molière’s Le Tartuffe and the Salonnières
Presented by: Tony Fielding
Influences of Schizophrenia on Artificial Intelligence
Presented by: Jill Johnson
Nerds4Needs: Big Hearts, Big Help
Presented by: Thao La
Swabbing, Culturing, and Isolating Bacterial Colonies to Obtain Pure Cultures
Presented by: Amber Lamberty, and Garrett Weeks
The Straight Minority
Presented by: Avery Loveland, Sammy Rowland, and Skylar Newman
Effect of MCC950, a NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitor, on Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice
Presented by: Michael Mendez
Partners in the Parks: Exploring America’s Parks from Sea to Shining Sea
Presented by: Michael Mendez and Megan Brown
The Creation of a Willful and Radical Subject: Carmen Yulín as a Public Figure Post-Maria & The Christian Themes of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings
Presented by: Gabriela Margarita Morales Medina
A Shift in Female Identity: British Punk to British Post-Punk Era
Presented by: Kelsey Morrisson
CNS Penetration of Methotrexate and its Primary Metabolite 7-Hydroxymethotrexate in Mice Bearing Orthotopic Group 3 Medulloblastoma
Presented by: Rachel Starker
Identifying and Exploring a Gene that Alters rpoS Expression in Escherichia coli
Presented by: Bawan Qaladize and Matthew Scott

2019 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Gallatin, TN • February 16, 2019

The Relationship Among Social Media, Anxiety, and Self-Esteem
Presented by: Tony Fielding and Rachel Black
Sex and British Rock ’n' Roll 
Presented by: Mary Anna Tucker
Physiological and Chemical Characterization of Produce Bacteria
Presented by: Bano Qaladize
Identification of Bacteria Through the Sequencing and Barcoding of 16S RNA
Presented by: Sarah Laney, Gabriel Christian, and Carmen Shimizu
Making Greater Students Even Greater Leaders
Presented by: Kelsey Morrisson, Bawan Qaladize, Maddison Bickerstaff, and Peyton Cullen
The Relationship Between British National Identity and the Rock Bands from the 1970s to the 1990s
Presented by: Bawan Qaladize
DNA Isolation, Amplification, and Separation
Presented by: Edward Kochan Lovett

2018 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Boston, MA • 2018

Las Pachucas: A History of Fashion, Revolution, and Rebellion

Presented by: Gabriela Morales Medina

Help Others, Help Yourself: Deliberate Acts of Kindness

Presented by: Peyton Cullen

Engaging Alumni: A Double Entendre You Can Use to Your Advantage

Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke

2018 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Memphis, TN • February 17 • 2018

Discovery of Genes in Escherichia coli that Regulate RpσS Levels While Under Stress
Presented by: Juan Mejia

Lichens of the Ghost River Natural Area, Fayette County, Tennessee

Presented by: Hannah Schultz

The Relationship between Social Media Use, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism

Presented by: Selena Wood

Victorian Themes in the Modern Day: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Madeleine Roux’s Asylum

Presented by: Erin Lisa Aulfinger

America is Not Exceptional: A Look at Early American Literatures and the Digital Humanities

Presented by: Gabriela Margarita Morales Medina

Circe’s Lament

Presented by: Grace Von Boeckman

Femininity as Suicide: The Role of Gender and Class in The Hidden Hand

Presented by: Meghan Hutton

How The Woman of Colour Was Born Out of Transatlanticism

Presented by: Gabriela Margarita Morales Medina

K-Pop and Dorian Gray: How Art has become International

Presented by: Alexandra Moser

Bacterium and Barcoding

Presented by: Jessica Morrison and Grace Singer

A Feasibility Study: Ambient Shipment of the INFUSE® Bone Graft Kits

Presented by: Jessica Morrison

Scent Recognition in Microtus Pennsylvanicus: Evaluating Genotypic Scent Discrimination of Opposite-Sex Familiars (Or: Gee, Haven’t I Smelled You Somewhere Before?)

Presented by: Leslie Hogan

2017 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Atlanta, GA • 2017

Crying Beowulf: What Happens When We Don’t Know the Truth
Presented by: Chelsea Joyner

The Intersection of Hitler and Rhetoric

Presented by: Gabriela Margarita Morales Medina

International Nerds: How the CBU Honors Program Makes Our City and University More Accessible to International Students

Presented by: Gabriela Margarita Morales Medina

Media Exposure and Stigmatization of those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Presented by: Brigid Lockard and Theresa Havelka

Take the journey. Change your life. The CBU Honors Odyssey Mentoring Program

Presented by: Elizabeth Parr and Dr. Tracie Burke

2017 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Tullahoma, TN  Feb. 17 • 2016

In Community, We Trust
Presented by: Chelsea Joyner and Tony Requa-Fielding

Barcoding the DNA of Cell Phone Bacteria

Presented by:  Bawan Qaladize, Matthew Scott, Sydney Diehl, and Dr. Mary Ogilvie

The Fickle Relationship between Emily Dickinson and Religion

Presented by: Juan Mejia

The Christianity of Beowulf

Presented by: Gabriela Morales Medina

Lighting a Fire: How to Use Literature without the Book

Presented by: Alexandra Moser

Satisfaction Brought It Back: The Benefits of Venturing into the Wider World as an Honors Program

Presented by: Hannah Schultz and Alexandra Moser

Lichen or Not, We’re Here

Presented by: Hannah Schultz, Shane Talley, and Stephanie Allen

Equality: A Timeline of Women’s Rights

Presented by: Lauren Jeu

SafeTeam: Safety is Just a Touch Away

Presented by: Lauren Jeu and Olivia Evans

How Hatred Grows

Presented by:Theresa Havelka

2016 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Clarksville, Tennessee • 2016

Rousseau: A commentary on society 
Presented by: Rachel Black 

Do it Anyway! Tales of a Room-Service Girl in a DEET-Covered World
Presented by: Leslie Hogan 

Solar Airports
Presented by: 
Sriya Bahunuthula

2016 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Seattle, Washington • 2016

The View from the 31st Century: Futurama as Lens for Exploring Future Space Commercialization Strategies 
Presented by: Brigid Lockard

"Knowing The Geek Within": How the Christian Brothers University Honors Program Helps its Students Learn Who They Are and Who They Want to Become

Presented by: Erin Aulfinger and RaKesha Grey 

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2015 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Clarksville, Tennessee • 2015

Hooah Marketing      
Presented by: William Norman

Voices From the Field: Self-Written Women in Short Stories of The Troubles
Presented by: Madeline S. Faber

Solar Roadways: Are they possible? Practical? Needed?
Presented by: Juan Mejia

Limits of Muggle Science and the Parallels to the Laws of Magic
Presented by: Tiffany Corkran

81 Days of Kindness and Counting: The CBU Honors Program’s Deliberate Acts of Kindness Project

Presented by: Tiffany Corkran

Environmental Justice in Memphis, Tennessee
Presented by: Sara Swisher

Faith, Poverty, and Justice 

Presented by: Kierra D Turner

The End of the World As We Know It: Understanding Apocalyptic Imagination 

Presented by: RaKesha Gray

2015 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference      

Chicago, Illinois • 2015

Make No Little Honors Programming Plans: The Best of our Last 400 Activities!    
Presented by: RaKesha Gray

Make No Little Service: September of Service and Helping Hands October - How honors students at two universities led thirty-day service projects that changed their communities

Presented by: Raymond McGinnis, Abigail Lockard, and Angela Selby

Fandom Inferno 

Presented by: Brenda Hurlbut

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2014 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Christian Brothers University • February 21-22, 2014

How an Idea Becomes a Comic
Presented by: Megan Mosier            
Brothers’ Keepers: Servant Leadership as a Non-Profit Board of Directors Member           

Presented by: Tiffany Corkran          
Law and Order: SVU and the Effects of Solitude   

Presented by: Carly Geis        
Using Graph Theory to Schedule TCHC 2014  
Presented by: Rebekah Herrman 

The Art of Saying Yes
Presented by: Kelsey Coolican and Logan Butler                      
Little Geek vs. Big Geek: Honors Program in High School vs Honors Program in College 

Presented by: Taylor Flake and RaKesha Gray  

Marriage and Sex in 1 Corinthians 7: What Does Paul Really Think?

Presented by: Sarah Longoria  

2013 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

New Orleans, LA • November 6-10, 2013 

September of Service: How Our Honors Program Led the Largest and Most Diverse Service Initiative in Our University’s History
Presented by: John Blount, Julia Kueter, and Rebekah Herrman 

Memphis Rocks — A Buccaneer Family Vacation: How Making an Indie Film Drew Us Closer to Our City and Our School

Presented by: Trey McGinnis, Caitlin Terry, and Rebecca Wauford 

Quantum Computing

Presented by: Rebekah Herrman 

2013 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN • February 23-24, 2013  

CBU 2013 Moonbuggy Race
Presented by: Michael Sanford 

Determination of Axonal Loss and Optic Nerve Head Degeneration in Glaucomatous Eyes

Presented by: Lauryn Murphy

Nerding Out: How the Honors Retreat Brings the Freshmen Class Together

Presented by: Tyler Stranburg, Caitlin Terry, and Trey McGinnis 

Save the World and Have Fun Doing It!

Presented by: Rebecca Wauford 

Brothers’Keepers: Who’s Keeping Who? We Are All Benefitting in Service

Presented by: Lauren Harrett and Danielle Hobbs

September of Service: Thirty Days of Good Deeds

Presented by: Johnny Blount, John Tubbs, and Kelsey Coolican

Radioactive Waste and Environmental Justice

Presented by: Bentley Smith and John Tubbs 

The Best Honors Class Ever

Presented by: Rebekah Herrman 

Come to the Honors Program, We Have Cookies

Presented by: Rebekah Herrman and Rebecca Wauford 

The Tiny School with the Big Honors Program: How We Host Over 30 Honors Event Every Semester

Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke, Raegan Cook, and Amanda Willhite

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2012 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Boston, MA • November 14-18, 2012  

Small But Mighty: How our Tiny Honors Program Builds Community Through Over 30 Honors Events Every Semester
Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke and John Blount  

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2012 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference

Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN • February 17-18, 2012  

Testing the detection range of Vemco VR2W acoustic receivers used to study large scale movements of spotted sea trout (Cynoscion nebulosus) in South Texas estuaries
Presented by: Joe Alfonso 

A Critique of Levinas’ Stance on Femininity

Presented by: Bentley Smith  


Presented by: Kelly Jeu 

Manifesto of the Little Monster

Presented by: John Blount 

Put the Cheez-Its in the Bowl!: How to Host an Effective Honors Event

Presented by: Nell Brandon and John Blount 

Communerdy Service: How We Incorporate Service into our Honors Program

Presented by: Raegan Cook and Julia Kueter 

The Effect of Feedback on Optimism and Problem Solving in College Students

Presented by: Amanda Willhite 

Changes in the GABA(A) Receptor and Associated Proteins After Fear Condition

Presented by: Catherine Gluszek 

We Have an Honors Kid Down: The Murder at Victory Ranch

Presented by: Kelsey Coolican and John Tubbs 

The Tiny School with the Big Honors Program: How We Host Over 30 Honors Event Every Semester

Presented by: Dr. Tracie Burke, Raegan Cook, and Amanda Willhite  

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2011 Southern Regional Honors Council Conference

University of Central Arkansas in Little Rock, AR • March 31-April 2, 2011 

Metafiction and Metaphysics in Detective Fiction as Demonstrated by Jorge Luis Borges
Presented by: John Blount 

Might of the Unknown: Gareth and Anonymity in Sir Thomas Malory

Presented by: Francis Minneci 

An Interview with Clytaemnestra

Presented by: Lauryn Murphy 

Chivalry and Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction

Presented by: Angela Toomer 

Enriching and Enlivening High School Chemistry in Memphis City Schools

Presented by: Catherine Gluszek 

What Foucault Saw! A Brief Survey of the Ways in which Detective Fiction Manifests Disciplinary Power

Presented by: Chase de Saint-Felix 

Relationship Between Religiosity and Self-Esteem in Adolescents

Presented by: Amanda Willhite 

Dopamine Neuron Activity in the Dorsal Prefrontal Cortex of Rats

Presented by: Cheryl Clausel 

The Honors Big Give

Presented by Tracie Burke with Jenessa Gebers, Burton Bridges, Chris Peterson 

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2010 TCHC Conference

University of Memphis in Memphis, TN • February 12-13, 2010 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Non-Invasive Research Methods for the Study of Wild Jaguar Populations

Presented by: Caroline Mitchell

Bad Faith and Branding: Sartrean Bad Faith and Consumer Identity

Presented by: Christopher Peterson

Passionate Danger

Presented by: Johnny Blount  

The First Sex and the 'F' Word: A Male Response to Feminism

Presented by: Chase de Saint-Felix

The Honors Big Give

Presented by: Jenessa Gebers, Dr. Tracie Burke, Burton Bridges, and Chris Peterson

Women in the Italian Mafia: A Force to be Reckoned With

Presented by: Catherine Montesi

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2009 TCHC Conference

Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN • February 13-14, 2009 

Complex Organic Molecular Synthesis and Its Relation to Drug Discovery - Learning by Example
Presented by: John Legge

Honors, Ethics and Service

Presented by: Dylan Perry & Chris Peterson

In a Democracy, Dissent is an Act of Faith

Presented by: Caroline Mitchell

“Russell Brandon Got Eaten by a Bear”: CBU Honors Upperclassmen Go Camping

Presented by: Jenessa Gebers, Kenny Latta, & Dr. Tracie Burke

Selection Strategies and Semantic Relatedness BEYOND Simple Free Association

Presented by: Russell Brandon

Seven Ways to Improve Your Honors Program

Presented by: Burton Bridges, Carolyn Fly, & Dr. Burke

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