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Our certified coaches partner with your organization's managers and executives to design plans for enhancing individual and team performance, leadership skills, and organizational effectiveness.

Individual Coaching

Coaching allows individuals to discover specific behaviors that impact interactions and influence overall performance. We provide coaching that supports individual learning while also connecting to the larger goals of the organization. Coaching can positively impact individual, team, and organizational performance.

Some of the tools and techniques we use during coaching include:

  • Multi-rater feedback
  • Competency-based development
  • Focus on performance outcomes
  • Individual developmental plans
  • Action planning and accountability

Group Coaching

Group coaching allows learners to learn from peers and the collective wisdom of the group. Many participants prefer group coaching because they feel they have more time to reflect and integrate insights. Organizations often rely upon group coaching when there is irreconcilable conflict among key organizational leaders, poor performance within a team, or lack of trust within organizational divisions.


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