New this year are our Digging Deeper events, learning opportunities that frame and inform our service work for SOS. Each week of September invites the CBU community to consider an area of development in Memphis: 

Week 1: Coping with Quarantine: A Virtual Campfire

As living in a pandemic and social distancing has become the new normal, it is now, more than ever, a time to discuss mental health. And this cannot be truer for college students. Led by SOS Student Leaders in partnership with Director of CBU Counseling, Beverly Word, a Virtual Campfire with peers may be just what you need to feel refreshed for this odd semester. By simply discussing mental health with our peers, we discover that we are not alone and that there are healthy ways to cope with something even as large as COVID-19.  Just like discussions around a real campfire often do, we will leave feeling lighter and more connected with one another.

Week 2: Capacity Building in Orange Mound: A Conversation with JUICE’s Britney Thorton

This interview with JUICE Orange Mound’s founder, Britney Thornton, provides an in-depth look at her innovative nonprofit model, which aims to foster self-reliance and economic empowerment in the oldest African American community in Memphis. Her story is one of love for her childhood neighborhood, a love that she translates into community organizing and advocacy to see Orange Mound flourish on its own terms.   

Week 3: The Shift in Community Service: Catholic Charities and Whole Child Strategies

Though they represent different approaches, Whole Child Strategies and Catholic Charities unite under the same goal to support families and children through difficult life challenges. Listen in on this conversation among an array of passionate community-based perspectives, from that of community organizers and researchers to marketing professionals and volunteer coordinators, to see how it takes a village to address social injustice.

Week 4: The Paradox of Food Waste & Food Insecurity in Memphis

From “ugly” fruit tossed from grocery shelves to the wilted salad greens in your own fridge, food waste practices are all too routine in a city challenged by food insecurity. This panel discussion explores the intersection of these two social challenges by offering a range of solution-based approaches. Speakers on this panel represent grassroots and neighborhood mobilization efforts and entrepreneurial and corporate innovation to bring about greater environmental and food justice in Memphis.  Panelists will be featured from Clean Memphis, Compost Fairy, The Works Inc., and Resource Redistribution Ministry in partnership with our campus partners, Student Sustainability Coalition and CBU Community Peace Garden.

Week 5: Immigrant & Refugee Support  

Details coming soon!

Digging Deeper events are made possible through collaborations with campus and community partners to bring you conversations, panels, and storytelling, all of which aim to give the CBU family a better understanding of specific societal and political challenges in Memphis. To meet these challenges and become better public servants, Digging Deeper events ask us to dig to better answer that key question, “Why do we serve?”   

To sign up for Digging Deeper events, see the SOS Schedule or the CBU Events page.

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