We hope you will join us in service for the month of September! This year, we are making sign-up extra easy. Just fill out the form below and let us know how you’d like to engage with the Memphis and CBU community.


For more info, go to CBU.edu/events.

Friendly Reminders for Seniors 

Friday, September 4, all day

Community Partner: MIFA (Memphis Inter-Faith Association) supports the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs. Of MIFA’s many initiatives, this service project supports their Meals on Wheels program, which provides hot, nutritious lunches to seniors at home and at meal sites each week day. 

The ProjectFor this one-day event, you’ll make a friendly phone call to 25 home-bound seniors, notifying them that lunch will not be delivered on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th. Detailed instructions will be provided, and SOS leaders will be ready to provide guidance. 

Your Impact: Giving our seniors a heads up about the paused meal delivery keeps them informed and lets them know they are cared for. You, in turn, practice effective communication skills and phone etiquette. 

Get Growing, CBU! 

Sept. 8, 12, and 19, 2:00 – 4:00 pm 

Community Partner: CBU Community Peace Garden is cultivated by faculty, staff, and student volunteers. Our goal is to provide our campus community free healthy organic food, and provide our students with mentoring and leadership opportunities through community service outreach.  

The Project: Help get our very own community garden prepped for the cold growing season. Three different days of service will have you starting seeds, transplanting seedlings, processing compost, constructing a tent greenhouse, and maybe even contributing to mural painting on the garden shed. An opportunity for safe and wholesome time with friends outside.

Your Impact: The garden in your campus backyard has big plans for crops, composting, and campus beautification. Your work supports this nourishing space for our community! 

Civic Saturday

Saturday, Sept. 12, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Community Partner: Citizen University is building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship across the country, spreading the belief that a strong democracy depends on strong citizens — that we all have the power to make change in civic life and the responsibility to try. 

The Project: We will be discussing how can we make the word ‘citizen’ into a verb. Join the CBU, LeMoyne-Owen College, and Memphis community as we gather for a morning of civic reflection led by Shamichael Hallman of Memphis Public Libraries and the Fourth Bluff.  

With September of Service in full swing, Civic Saturday energizes our passion for service, preparing us for active citizenship in our shared democracy. Don’t miss this chance to deepen your love of community! It is sure to be an inspiring event that will include performances from a local poet and musicians who will amplify this occasion to listen to one another.   

Pandemic Pen Pals with Meritan

Thursdays, Sept. 10, 17, 24, and Oct. 1, 2:00 – 3:00 pm 

Community Partner: Meritan provides an array of services for people of all ages and abilities. These include elder-at-home care, job-training for seniors, therapeutic foster family training and oversight, and family-model residential services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

The Project: For a series of Thursdays, we’ll be rekindling the art of letter writing through which we’ll share genuine messages of hope and encouragement with homebound seniors. Join us in person (masked) to craft your letters to soothing music and with good (socially distanced) company. Bring your own pen, but we’ll provide the paper, envelopes, and stamps.  Location on campus to be determined. 

Your Impact: The coronavirus pandemic has left us all feeling more isolated but perhaps none more so than our elders who have been especially sequestered during this global health crisis. Making this intergenerational connection might be as beneficial to you as it is to your letter recipient. 

Orange Mound Community Calls with JUICE

Sept. 16, 17, 18, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Community Partner: JUICE Orange Mound seeks to develop and advance self-reliance by building capacity and engagement among its citizens and businesses in Orange Mound and the larger community. 

The Project: Collective community investment is central to identifying and pursuing shared community goals. Be part of this important process in making calls to our neighbors in Orange Mound will support JUICE in collecting vital input from the community that will inform its transformation.  An orientation and detailed instructions will be provided to guide your calls and resulting data collection from these phone surveys. 

Your Impact: The next major community project in Orange Mound could in part be the result of reaching out to your Orange Mound neighbors to learn and record what they’d like to see in their community. 

CBU Privet Pull

Sept. 21, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Community Partner: CBU Sustainability Coalition

Community Partner: Sustainability Coalition is a registered student organization that was formed with the purpose of recommending, supporting, and advocating for environmentally sound practices at CBU, and for generally promoting environmental awareness on campus.  

The Project: Volunteers will meet at the CBU Community Garden to remove privet from trees located on campus on Thursday, September 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Your Impact: Privet is an invasive plant in Tennessee and if not removed will spread quickly and cause harm to our native ecosystem. Help keep our trees healthy and happy by joining in this unique service project!  

Memphis Resource Rally with Whole Child Strategies 

Service Opportunities Available On Your Schedule

Special Note: To get started with this project, volunteers will watch an orientation video that outlines what we’ll be doing. You’ll learn how to make these calls to local businesses and social services agencies and get some background on how important this work is to the community. Once you’ve watched the orientation video, you’ll be ready to make calls on your own time at your convenience. We’re also looking for ways to join together and make calls as a team so you’ll have group support. And don’t forget to join us for the Digging Deeper series, also featuring Whole Child Strategies.

Community Partner: Whole Child Strategies is a place-based nonprofit working on out-of-school barriers to in-school success.  We support schools and organize with people who live or go to school in Smokey City & Klondike in North Memphis.  

The Project:  The families we serve, who often are also servant leaders and community champions, are always looking for effective and efficient means to make ends meet for themselves and their neighbors. Memphis hosts a vast network of community agencies (i.e. nonprofits, government services, community groups, etc.) that offer vital services to under-resourced families and individuals. Over time, the basic information about these agencies can change, making them difficult for clients to access. There can also be unknown or confusing requirements to receive services. Join your CBU community in conducting research calls to local organizations to bridge this gap! The Memphis Resource Rally involves completing a comprehensive survey with agencies over the phone and then entering up-to-date information into a shared database. You will receive detailed instructions, a training video, and support from other CBU volunteers trained on the process. 

Your Impact: You make community services and resources more accurate and accessible for those who need them. People living in poverty often face barriers when seeking essential resources, and your calls to local agencies will ensure that the right information is available to community members.  Your results will go directly into a real-time databank for community champions to share with residents, scholars and families as they work to uplift North Memphis. 

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